John Stamos Net Worth, Controversies, Career, Awards, and More

John Stamos Net Worth

John Stamos rose to fame with his character Jesse Katsopolis in Full House. It is was one of the epic TV shows from the 90s, and has since been a part of several blockbuster projects. The American actor began his career as a singer and musician. Throughout his journey, he became a recognizable face in the industry, and it all reflects through the John Stamos net worth 2023.

Let us take a quick look through his bio before diving deep into his life, work, controversies, and more.

NameJohn Phillip Stamos
ProfessionActor, Singer, Musician
GenresPop rock, Rock and roll
InstrumentsGuitar, Vocal, Drums
Years Active1982-present
DOB19 August 1963
Parent(s)William Stamos and Loretta
SpouseRebecca Romin (m 1998 and div 2005), Caitlin McHugh (m 2018)
ChildrenBilly (son)
Instagram Account@Johnstamos
Twitter Account@JohnStamos

Childhood and Early life

On August 19, 1963, Stamos was born in Cypress, California. His father, William Bill Stamos, was a Greek American, second-generation restaurateur who married Loretta (Stamos’s mother). The original surname is Stamatopoulos, however, he sticks to Stamos.

During his teenage years, Stamos started to work with his father and their restaurants. He had the job of flipping the burgers.

As for his studies, Stamos attended John F. Kennedy High School. He also used to play in a marching band. He attended the Beach Boys concert, which was his first concert, making him a huge fan.

Stomas’s parents supported their son’s dream and aspiration to be an actor. He enrolled at Cypress College in 1981 but skipped his first semester to have better focus and launch his acting career.

Within three weeks, he was offered to play his first role in the television soap opera General Hospital.

Career and Breakthrough In Acting

John started his acting career as Blackie Parrish on General Hospital, which was released in 1982.  In 1984, he received the nomination for the Daytime Emmy Award.

The same year, Stamos was offered the lead role in the CBS sitcom Dreams.  However, the role was short-lived, but with that help, he was cast in a role in You Again?  (starring Jack Klugman).

He entered movies with Never Too Young To Die in 1986.  Even though the film was a huge flop, it helped the actor to gain some experience.

Starring In Full House

ABC’s Full House was a challenging hit and the success grew in late 1980. With this, Stamos’s acting career also started to solidify.

In the television sitcom, He played the role of Jesse, the protagonist who initially was a bad boy, but he fell in love with Rebecca and married her.

The show also has Danny (his brother-in-law) along with Danny (Jessie’s older sister and his deceased wife) and Joey (Danny’s best friend). They all live together in one house, helping Danny raise his three-year-old daughter.

According to Jeff Franklin, the show creator and executive producer, Stomas asked them to highlight his Greek heritage by keeping Katsopolis as his character’s surname.

In 1995, the sitcom ended its eight seasons. The sitcom made Stomas famous as an actor, becoming one of his most-known works so far.

Throughout his work in Full House, he continuously paid homage and reference to Elvis Presley, as he is a huge fan of his.

The Later Career And Dive In Voice Acting

Stamos appeared in different television series, films, stage productions, and commercials. He played roles in Thieves (2001), Jake In Progress ( 2005), Friends (guest appearance), Wedding Wars (2006), etc.

He also debuted in his voice acting career as he played himself in MTV’s Clone High. In 2010, Stamos was cast in the television show Glee’s second season. Stamos was playing the role of Carl Howell, a new love interest of Emma.

The man was cast in Grandfathered, Fox’s sitcom, and it was starring Josh Peck, Paget Brewster, and Christina Millian.

One of his famous roles also includes the character of Dr. Nicky in You television series. Later 2019, it was confirmed that he would reprise his character, and the series was launched on Netflix.

Career In the Music Industry

Along with his career in acting, Stamos was also interested in music. At age four, he started learning drums and playing guitar. Later, he started his band Destiny.

In 1994, Stamos released an independent album called Shades of Blue featuring Gary Griffin, Lanny Cordola, Tony Guerrero, Sanda Stephens, and David Enos. It was re-released on iTunes and different channels in 2010.

Occasionally, he performed with the Beach Boys in concerts in 1985.

Personal Life and Relationship

John Stamos and Rebecca Romijin

Stamos started dating Rebecca Romijin in 1994. She is a model and actress. They met backstage at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

After dating for four years, and later, in 1998, they got married. However, in 2004, the couple decided to call it quits. The same year, Stamos finalized his divorce.

On his relationship with her, he said it was heartbreaking as they stayed together for 10 years.  He had planned to have three kids and a future, but it failed. He added, it was not all about her, but their relationship didn’t work well.

John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh

After his failed marriage, John Stamos remarried Caitlin McHugh in 2018. They met on the Law & Order: SVU set, but they needed a few years to connect.

Caitlin is a known American actress, model, and writer. She was previously married to Massimo Lusardi, but they got divorced in 2014. She appeared on TV and in movies like Random Tropical, I Am Legend, NCIS: Los Angeles, etc.

In October 2017, they engaged, and after a year, the couple got married. On his marriage, Stamos commented that it was the perfect balance; he was hyper, but she was calm.

Talking about his wife, he said She is gracious, pure, and authentic. Not someone who cares about showbiz and money.

After being married for four years, they had their son Billy.

John Stamos Net worth

Apart from his career, John Stamos net worth is something that makes people curious.  According to the reports, Stamos is listed as one of the richest celebrities.

John Stamos net worth is mainly through his acting career. But his music and producer careers contributed to his overall net worth. John also made some high-profile investments in real estate.

John Stamos net worth 2017 and 2018 was $25 million. As for further years, here is a chart.

John stamos net worth 2023$30 million
John stamos net worth 2022$27.5million
John stamos net worth 2021$25 million
John stamos net worth 2020$22.5 million
John stamos net worth 2019$20 million

Acting, Films, And Awards

Stamos appeared in different television shows and films and had a huge work portfolio that led to his success and contributed to his net worth:

John Stamos tv shows

  • General Hospital (1982–84)
  • Dreams
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Never Too Young To Die
  • You Again?
  • Full House
  • The New Mickey Mouse Club
  • Daughters of the Streets
  • Captive
  • The Disappearance of Christina
  • Tales from the Crypt
  • Fatal Vows: The Alexandra O’Hara Story
  • The Larry Sanders Show
  • Tracey Takes On
  • Tom Rosner
  • The Marriage Fool
  • Sealed with a Kiss
  • How to Marry a Billionaire: A Christmas Tale
  • Thieves
  • Clone High
  • Friends
  • The Reagans
  • The Andy Milonakis Show
  • Jake in Progress
  • ER
  • Wedding Wars
  • Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget
  • A Raisin in the Sun
  • The Two Mr. Kissels
  • Entourage
  • Glee
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  • Two and a Half Men
  • Secrets of Eden
  • The New Normal
  • Necessary Roughness
  • Losing It with John Stamos
  • I Am Victor
  • Members Only
  • Galavant
  • Grandfathered
  • Fuller House
  • Scream Queens
  • Who Do You Think You Are?
  • A Capitol Fourth
  • You
  • Historical Roasts
  • The Little Mermaid Live!
  • Big Shot
  • Muppets Haunted Mansion
  • Spidey and His Amazing Friends
  • Mickey Mouse Funhouse
  • The Prank Panel

John Stamos movies

  • Never Too Young to Die
  • Born to Ride
  • Dropping Out
  • My Best Friend’s Wife
  • Party Monster
  • I Am Stamos
  • Knots
  • Farce of the Penguins
  • Wedding Wars
  • Father of Invention
  • My Man Is a Loser
  • They Came Together
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
  • Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute

Awards And Nominations

  • Soapy Awards For Most Exciting New Year (1982)
  • Daytime Emmy Awards For Outstanding Supporting Actor (1983 )
  • Young Artist Awards For Outstanding Supporting Actor In Drama (Nomination in 1983, won in 1984)
  • People’s Choice Awards For Favorite Actor in a New TV Series (2016)


Not just John Stamos net worth or his career created headlines, but the actor was involved in various controversies throughout his active years.

His relationship with Paul Abdul was also hot in the late 80s and 90s. They even started planning for a wedding, but Stamos bailed from the whole thing with no warning and ended the relationship.

Apart from this, here are some of the popular ones.

The DUI Case

One of the most publicized and dramatic controversies in actor life was in 2005. Stamos was reported to act weird while he was in Beverly Hills.

He was taken to the hospital by the police and had to undergo tests. In the end, it was found that he was using GHB or Gamma hydroxybutyrate, also known as ‘party drug.’

He was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and sentenced to three years. Apart from that, he was in rehab for 30 days.

Appearing Drunk On a Talk Show

In 2007, Stamos was invited to talk show Morning with Kerri-Anne. While he did come, his appearance was embarrassing, and he seemed heavily intoxicated.

The interview is known to be one of the most humiliating and awkward appearances of Stoma’s career.

Inappropriate Behavior around Minors

Full House had some minors as their characters since it was a family sitcom. The staff and team were instructed to act accordingly. However, John created controversies as he was engaging in some highly inappropriate behaviors and questions in the presence of child stars.

In 1992, Stamos, Dave Coulier, and Bob Saget were under fire for talking about sex and using vulgar language in front of minors on the set.

Interesting facts about John Stamos

John stamos net worth and his work made the actor famous. However, there are some interesting facts about the actor, including:

  • John has Greek descent since his father is from the same, and English, Irish, and German ancestry from his mother
  • Stamos received recognition for the first time for his role in ABC’s General Hospital
  • He is famous for his role as Uncle Jesse in the Full House TV show
  • John Stamos is also a famous singer, musician, and producer
  • He played guitar and drums and sang for The Beach Boys band
  • John Stamos received the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2019 for his career in TV and Broadway
  • Stamos is a philanthropist and also loves kids.
  • With his wife, they started their jewelry line in 2018.
  • The couple donated all of proceeds from jewelry line business to Child Help and Children’s Help organizations
  • He also has sisters Janeen and Alaina
  • In 2009, Stamos announced participation in Bradway’s revival of Bye Bye Birdie
  • Stamos won the 2009 – 10 Golden Icon Award for best actor.

Final thoughts

Stamos gained popularity throughout his work. However, his role as Uncle Jesse in Full House helped his fame to skyrocket.

It helped him get more opportunities to act and a music career. He stayed in the industry for so long with his determination and skills.

John created his own name and became one of the richest Hollywood celebrities, with a net worth of $40 million.


1. How did John Stamos become famous?

He became famous for his role in General Hospital in the 1980s and played Uncle Jesse in Full Show.

2. How many children do John Stamos have?

John Stamos has one child with his second wife, and his name is Billy.

3. How much younger is John Stamos’s wife?

Stamos and his wife, Caitlin McHugh, have a 23 -23-year difference between them.

4. What is John Stamos net worth?

It’s estimated to have a net worth of $40 Million, making John Stamos one of the richest Hollywood celebrities.

5. Who was John Stamos’s first wife?

John Stamos was previously married to Rebecca Romjin. They stayed together from 1998 to 2005.

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