Keyshia Ka’oir Net Worth: From Modeling to Successful

Keyshia Ka'oir Net Worth

Keyshia Ka’oir is a Jamaican-American model, businesswoman, and entrepreneur. From her impressive modeling career to her business, Keyshia has made a notable net worth throughout her career. But what exactly her net worth is? Let’s get to know. Keep reading on to know everything about Keyshia Ka’oir net worth, her modeling, fashion, and business journey.

What is Keyshia Ka’oir Net Worth?

As of 2023, Keyshia Ka’oir net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. She has earned this fortune through her modeling and business ventures. Even though her financial planner stated that Keyshia made about $30 million through her businesses.

Keyshia Ka'oir Net Worth

However, there was no such evidence for the claim. So her net worth being $30 million remained a matter of gossip for a while. While it’s difficult to verify the exact figure, Keyshia’s empire clearly continues to grow and expand. Thanks to her successful career and businesses.

Quick check on Keyshia Ka’oir Who is Keyshia Ka’oir?

Net Worth $20 million
Full Name Keyshia Dior Watson
Born January 6, 1985 (age 38)
Birthplace Kingston, Jamaica
Height 5’7″
Nationality Jamaican-American
Profession Model, businesswoman, entrepreneur
Husband Gucci Mane
Social Media Instagram

What are the Sources of Keyshia Ka’oir Net Worth?

The model has built her fortune through a combination of various sources. Let’s take a closer look at the different sources of Keyshia Ka’oir net worth.

KA’OIR Cosmetics

In her business venture, Keyshia got the most success with her cosmetics line, KA’OIR Cosmetics. She launched the brand in 2011 with a wide range of products including lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail polishes. It has since become one of the most popular beauty brands on the market. And it holds an extensive customer base. The success of KA’OIR Cosmetics has played a significant role in Keyshia Ka’oir net worth.

KA’OIR Hair, KA’OIR Clothing, and KA’OIR Fitness

With the success of KA’OIR Cosmetics, Keyshia expanded her business. She launched other two brands KA’OIR Hair and KA’OIR Clothing. Her clothing brand features a range of fashionable clothing items for both men and women. While KA’OIR Hair extensions and wigs are popular among women of all ages.

Keyshia Ka'oir Net Worth

Just like her clothing brand, these have successfully contributed to Keyshia’s overall finances. That undoubtedly has helped to boost her net worth even further.

Moreover, KA’OIR Fitness which she launched in 2011, has also contributed to Keyshia Ka’oir net worth. The line of fitness products and accessories has become popular among fitness enthusiasts.

Modeling Career

Keyshia’s success as a model opened up new opportunities for her. She started her modeling career at a young age. But sooner she gained national attention. She even appeared in magazines and other media outlets. With her striking appearance, she became in demand in the fashion and beauty industries.

She has worked with various brands and companies over the years. Apparently, her modeling career has been another major source of Keyshia Ka’oir net worth.


Keyshia Ka’oir has also been the face of various brands including her own KA’OIR Cosmetics line. She has also been the face of many fitness and weight loss products. All these have helped to increase her net worth through endorsement deals.

Keyshia Ka’oir Early

Keyshia Ka’oir was born on 10 January 1985 in Kingston, Jamaica. She grew up in poverty and had a difficult childhood, but she was determined to make something of herself.

At the age of 17, her family moved to Florida, in the USA. She settled in Miami and started working as a stylist. In 2009, she appeared in Drake’s hit music video “Say Something”. Since then, she decided to build her career as a model.


She quickly gained a reputation in modeling. In 2010, she earned the title XXL Magazine Model of the Year and became a well-known model. And her career started to soar.

Eventually, her modeling career led her to launch her own business ventures. Keyshia has always remained grateful for the opportunities she has had. And she has worked hard to give back to her community.

Keyshia Ka’oir Personal

Keyshia Ka’oir has been always open to her personal life. The fashion diva has over 7.8 million followers on Instagram. And she keeps her followers up-to-date about her life on social media.

Her Relationship with Gucci Mane

To begin with, Keyshia Ka’oir has been in a long-term relationship with rapper Gucci Mane since 2010. The couple met while filming a music video, and quickly fell in love. Despite the challenges they faced over the years (including legal troubles and public scrutiny), they have remained committed to each other.

Gucci Mane proposed to Keyshia Ka’oir during an Atlanta Hawks game in 2016. The couple got married the following year in a lavish ceremony. The wedding was a high-profile event. It was even broadcast on live television and was widely covered by the media.

Friends and Family

In addition to her relationship with Gucci Mane, Keyshia is also known for her close relationships with her family and friends. She has spoken publicly about the importance of having a strong support system. And has credited her loved ones with helping her to achieve success in her career.

Philanthropic work

Outside of her personal life, Keyshia is also known for her philanthropic work. Her dedication to giving back to her community was always noted. She has supported breast cancer research and education reportedly. And has donated her time and resources to help those in need.


What is Keyshia Ka’oir’s biggest source of income?

Her biggest source of income is her cosmetics line, KA’OIR Cosmetics. The brand offers a wide range of beauty products. And Keyshia has been heavily involved in the development and promotion of the brand.

What businesses does Keyshia Ka OIR own?

Apart from modeling. Keyshia Ka’oir owns several successful businesses. This includes her Ka’oir Cosmetics brands, Ka’oir Hair, Ka’oir Clothing and Ka’oir Fitness brand.

How did Keyshia Ka’oir meet Gucci Mane?

Keyshia Ka’oir and Gucci Mane met in 2010 on the set of one of his music videos. They connected right away and soon started dating.

Final Thoughts

Keyshia Ka’oir is a successful model and businesswoman. She has built a successful commercial career and several brands through her hard work and determination. No wonder all these have a great contribution to Keyshia Ka’oir net worth. And it continues to grow. She has established herself as a role model for young women without any doubt.

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