LED Outdoor Flood Lights Commercial Uses

LED Outdoor Flood Lights Commercial

Do you know that the lights you see on the streets are called flood lights? They help you illuminate a large area like stadiums, theater halls, and more places. If you’re looking for outdoor lights, you will probably choose flood lights over other options because of the area it covers. Here, we will tell you the uses of LED outdoor flood lights commercial so that you can illuminate large places.

What are the components of floor light fixtures?

Flood lights are different from normal lights you have at homes or offices. These are mostly used outdoors, so they have to be durable and withstand tough weather conditions.

LED outdoor flood lights commercial is specifically sold to cover a large area. These are made of aluminum casing and protect the light from rain, storm, and wind. These lights can withstand low and high temperatures.

Flood light fixtures are also sold in basic fixtures and used outdoors. These are usually cheaper but also less durable. They are made of the cost-effective plastic casing but can withstand weather conditions like rain and snow.

There are also solar flood lights that collect energy from the sun with the help of a solar panel. It stores the energy in rechargeable battery and uses that in the night to illuminate large areas.

You will mostly find Halogen, CLF, and LED outdoor flood lights commercial use. These are the three most common types of bulbs used for outdoor lights. CFL is less common as they are brittle when you need a large area to be covered. They have a shorter lifetime than the LED bulbs, which are the most common for such usage.

Halogens are, however, the brightest of all but live shorter than the LED diodes. These are the reasons why people use LED more than other lights. LED lights are also the best in terms of energy efficiency and will keep electricity bills moderate.

Where to use LED Outdoor Flood Lights Commercial

You will need flood lights outdoors unless you’re having an indoor shoot that requires that kind of light. Flood lights are an amazing source of illumination that comes at different shapes and sizes. They can be of a few watts, 100 watts, or more. These can illuminate dark areas around your house for security reasons.

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Flood lights let everything get recorded in security cameras during the night. They keep away thieves and criminals and keep the area around you safe. Many people install flood lights for illuminating doors at night. You will probably buy lights that have motion sensors for such use. Let us now check out the LED outdoor flood lights commercial uses. These lights are used commercially for:

  • Stadiums
  • Streets
  • Sports fields
  • Driveways
  • Parking lot
  • Warehouse

Best uses of flood light for individuals

Let us take a look at all the places where flood lights can be used:

1. House sidings

You should select spotlights that have 60-degree beam angles for house sidings and not flood lights. These produce a conical beam, is wide, and fit perfectly between windows. These can give you a perfect nighttime effect with a symmetrical pattern of light and darkness across the rooms. Note that flood lights can add as much as light as the sun does to your house during the day.

You can use flood lights for your house siding when:

  • The light is projected through plan material or shadow effect. Shadows offer enough light but give a dark contrast to make it look like nighttime.
  • You project the light behind an unlit plant material that has a silhouette effect. The dark foreground will look like light.
  • When there are high textures in the wall like brick or rough stone. The textures reflect dark shadow and the contrast looks like it’s night.

2. Second stories

You should mount flood lights on roof edges or gutters for illuminating second stories:

(a) Retain freestanding walls

Unlike house facade, you can add lots of light to these long and low walls. There is a lot of dark surrounding nearby that ensures nighttime feel. You need to choose flood lights and position them right to use projected light without spilling too much up in the air.

(b) Garden beds

The stake-mounted spotlights aren’t well suited to lighten garden beds or low-lying plant materials. You should instead use the flood lights to brighten these plant regions. Position these lights so that they don’t put hot spots in individual plants.

(c) Bushes and short trees

You can use flood lights for short trees to make the best use. Simply position them near the base of the plant and create a hot spot.

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(d) Stands of several trees

If you want to brighten a stand of multiple trees or a line full of trees, you need to use a few flood lights. These should be powerful enough to not look like spotlights. These reduce the number of fixtures you need.

It is a good technique to use on trees along the property or the sides of a property. These are not good for the trees that are in the midst of yards. Since the flood lights have power, they are too difficult to look at directly. This can be problematic when you have guests coming over.

(e) Landscape regions

There are regions like decks, sitting areas, and lawns, where you can use mounted flood lights. You must use them only if you need wide areas to be covered and put them high above. They must be mounted at an angle more than 45-degree horizontally and at least 20 feet above the ground.

(f) Security

There are flood lights that you need to mount on the walls of your houses for security. It decreases the level of energy consumption and helps you select models with low light levels.

(g) Commercial uses

The voltage (12V) and line voltage (120V) lights are perfect for commercial uses. These can light facades and public areas alike. You might also need these lights for wall packs or for solar security.

Other uses of flood lights

The closest form of a lighting fixture of flood lights are the spot light. These are kept both indoors and outdoors. They are not the exact kind of flood lights and have a much smaller range.

Spots lights are perfect for illuminating one spot but it doesn’t cover a huge area. High powdered flood light can offer similar light when there is daylight. For instance, if a sports field needs more light during the day, they use flood lights. But the kind of light it emits reflect like spotlights. Miners also use flood lights to shed light in dark caves and passages.

People use battery-operated flood lights during emergency situations when there is a power cut. These are also used during natural disasters to help rescuers have enough light at all times.

Uses of flood lights are endless and it is smart to have a pair of these lights for home or commercial uses.

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