Lifestyle: How to make the Most of the New Normal

Most of the New Normal

We have all been wondering what the new normal would be, once the pandemic would leave us. Like everything else in life, it is not something that we write, but that only solidifies itself, as time goes by. And now that we have arrived near that moment, we can actually see what we have become and how things will be in the near future. Here are a few ideas to help us navigate through the new day-to-day.

  • Keep a Face Mask Handy

Even though the pandemic is moving away, and it probably won’t be obligatory to wear face masks in public spaces at all time anymore, chances are you will need them again, on an ad hoc basis. The cotton face mask has been incorporated into our lifestyle. When you think about it, it is not such a bad thing. Asians had been using it before the coronavirus crisis, whenever they had a cold, in order not to contaminate others. And if you look at studies today, you will notice that there have been a lot less cases of other types of contamination, throughout the last two years. Therefore, whenever you will feel a cold coming, take out that face mask and wear it. There is no reason not to, especially since there is a large variety of colours and prints available. In fact, you can even wear a bandana face mask! That will surely turn your “cold days” into happier ones. (

  • Invite Friends and Family Over for Dinner

In theory, we were not supposed to meet too many people during the pandemic. However, we all need company, and as we went through these years, it became easier (if not safer) to have a few people coming over than meeting in public places. The lockdowns also sent us all back into the kitchen, where we finally rediscovered the pleasure of cooking. We also took that time to add to our short list of recipes. Now, we can easily have guests over, so that they can try our new menu. As devastating as this can be to restaurants, we did rediscover the pleasure of having friends and family over for a good meal; let’s not lose these beautiful moments of sharing again, now that they are back.

  • Run Your Agenda as You please

To some people, moving away from the office, to work from home, was not so easy. Either the workplace was a location they could relax, away from home (which in this case, one should wonder what to do next), or it was difficult to organize themselves, alone. But what working from home did for many, is giving them back control over their time. Running our own agenda is the most important thing in life, for anyone. Time is the only thing we really own, and so, to have it back is a unique chance to take our life into our hands. There aren’t that many opportunities as big as this one, in the course of a lifetime. Missing out on it would be a big mistake.

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