Lil Durk & Tyler, Creator: Similarities and Differences


It sounds strange, doesn’t it, comparing Lil Durk and Tyler, the Creator?

However, even though they have many differences, you would be surprised to realize they also have some similarities.

In this article, we will address both sides of the coin to see the connection between these two highly popular performers from the rap and hip-hop music industry. Of course, going to a Durk concert is much more different than attending a live show by Tyler, the Creator, but what’s fascinating is that their road to success isn’t so different.

Therefore, let’s begin with what brings them closer.

Their Road to Success in the Rap World Was Similar

Both performers have made millions of dollars since they began their music careers, but this net worth didn’t come overnight, and they had a truly hard time before they could be successful in the music industry.

So, let’s see both performers’ road to music success.

Lil Durk

Let’s address Durk’s road to success first. Today, Lil Durk tickets sell out extremely fast since he is one of the most famous rappers in the US and other countries.

However, this wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t take things under his control after years of challenges. His father was put in prison when he was a kid, so he had to take on a lot of family responsibilities from a young age, whether he liked it or not. He also didn’t have anything to eat at times, which is a tough situation to deal with as an adult, let alone as a kid. (

Furthermore, he had to drop out of school at age 17 since he was expecting his first child and had to support the baby.

However, even though he began to take his rap career more seriously, he made the mistake of joining a street gang named The Black Disciples. After a while, he began to have legal troubles, and he was put in jail because of gun charges and possession of a firearm back in October 2011. Unfortunately, he also had other legal problems over the years of various kinds.

One of the things his fans would love is for him to stay out of legal issues in the future, both himself and them as fans who would like to see him on stage, not put away in jail.

Tyler, the Creator

On the other hand, Tyler, the Creator also had a tough childhood since he never met his father.

Even though Tyler luckily didn’t have problems with the law, he still had to work hard to get to the top of the music industry, especially in the hip-hop and rap world.

When Tyler was seven years old, he began to make covers for his imaginary albums, and what’s even more fascinating is that he began to do this even before he could even make music at all. However, it was evident that this little kid would have something to do with the rap or music world in the future, and that’s precisely what happened.

When he was 14 years old, he learned how to play the piano by himself, which showed his talent. Still, during his schooling of 12 years, he had to go to 12 different schools in the LA area and Sacramento, and that’s extremely hard for any kid since he had to make new friends over and over again and adapt to different kinds of city cultures and styles of living.

And that’s not all since Tyler also had to work at Starbucks for over two years while he also was an employee at FedEx, but just for something less than 2 weeks.

They Both Like to Collaborate with Other Musicians

Another thing that connects Lil Durk and Tyler, the Creator is their love for collaborations with other musicians and performers. Therefore, we will address some of their most exciting music collaborations.

Lil Durk’s closest music collaborator and a performer with whom he often shares the stage is Lil Baby. And not only that, but Durk made a collaborative studio album with Lil Baby titled The Voice of the Heroes, which was released in 2021. This album has 18 tracks, and it was successful on various music charts across the globe, peaking at number 1 on Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Another fact that indicates how successful their collaborative studio album was is that it sold over 500,000 units in the US.

Some other performers with whom Durk has made collaborations include Ne-Yo, King Von, G Herbo, etc.

On the other side, Tyler, the Creator has also made tracks and exciting music collaborations with other performers such as legendary rappers Jay-Z, Wiz Khalifa, Pharrell Williams, Yuna, Earl Sweatshirt, and many others.

Their Rap Style Is Different

Even though both Lil Durk and Tyler, the Creator are first and foremost rappers and part of the rap world, their style is not quite the same; in fact, it’s pretty different.

If you attend a Lil Durk concert, you will see that he is a rapper all the way. His music styles float around hip-hop, drill, trap, and gangsta rap, so it’s essential to understand that it’s all part of the game. You shouldn’t take his lyrics as an example of what to do but as an example of how dangerous it is to be a gang member and avoid such experiences in life. In addition, Durk’s attitude, style, voice, and history show that he is one of the most influential performers of his generation.

As for Tyler, the Creator, it’s evident that he is also one of the most famous and influential rappers of today; he is also a record producer with a very different style of rapping and performing on stage.

Also, Tyler, the Creator focuses more on music styles and subgenres such as alternative hip-hop, jazz rap, neo-soul, R&B, and horrorcore. However, horrorcore isn’t so much a part of his music as it was at the beginning of his career.

Before we end this article, it’s valuable to mention that it’s wise to buy tickets for their concerts as soon as possible since they sell out pretty quickly.

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