Lil Nas X Net Worth: Story of Upcoming Golden Boy from Hip Hop Industry

Lil Nas X net worth

Lil Nas X Net Worth, We all know that only a few musicians can constantly maintain their top ranking on music charts. However, 22-year-old Lil Nas X has an exceptional talent that puts him entirely above others. Mostly known for his globally hit song “Old Town Road,” Lil Nas X is perhaps the most discussed and promising artist from the music industry.

With the help of such success, every fan believes that Lil Nas X’s net worth has to be very high. If you’re also searching the internet for the same question, then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Through this article, we’ll discuss his total net worth in 2021, career highlights so far, and a few fun facts. 

Now without wasting any more time, let’s get started on a singer’s career: 

What is Lil Nas X Net Worth? 

lil nas x net worth

His single “Old Town Road” went viral on the media platform TikTok in 2019. Later, the song became a global hit and topped all the charts. Moreover, the song remained on the first rank for around 19 weeks in Billboard Hot 100 Chart. 

Recently, the rapper performed with Jack Harlow at MTV Video Music Awards on 13 September 2021. A few days later, he also announced the release of his album “Montero.”

Currently, Lil Nas X net worth is around $8 million, and the numbers are already set to grow higher. With his upcoming music tours and albums, there’s no doubt that the American rapper is looking forward to doubling his net worth soon. 

Remember that Lil Nas X is only 22-year-old and his journey in his musical career has been remarkable so far. But, from where did it all start, and what else can you expect from the singer?

Breakout through ‘Old Town Road’ 

lil nas x net worth
Source: GQ

There’s no doubt behind the fact that the Old Town Road song worked as a catalyst for Lil Nas X’s career. After topping the Billboard for constant 19 weeks, the song has already become one of the biggest successes ever. Moreover, the song is pretty popular even to this day. 

While the song has already made millions for Lil Nas X, the singer reported he purchased its beat for around $30. Later, he recorded the song at a local studio based in Georgia for only $20. After such a small investment, Lil Nas X released the track in the market, and it became an instant hit on TikTok. 

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After becoming a viral track, it wasn’t a surprise that multiple record labels were ready to purchase the rights. As a result, a bidding war within different labels occurred, and Columbia Records came out as the winner. 

Since its release, the song has sold around 15 million copies in the US alone. Also, the music has already received more than 1 billion plays on Spotify. On the other hand, fans have already seen the song more than 800 million times. 

After such high figures, there’s no hesitation in saying that Old Town Road is Lil Nas X’s career breakout song. 

More songs and Awards

Lil Nas X net worth
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So far, if you thought that Lil Nas X’s career is based only on one song, then unluckily, you were wrong. The singer has more than half a dozen songs in the top 40 hits of the US. Apart from this, his recent song ‘Industry Baby’ with Jack Harlow has already received gold certifications. 

As for other songs like Rodeo with Cardi B and Holiday have already earned platinum certifications multiple times. Lastly, his song ‘Panini’ has earned six times platinum. 

His first and recent album ‘Montero’ sold more than 125,000 copies in its first week alone. Thus, it’s highly likely that this album might easily reach the one million mark by the end of this year. 

Despite releasing only one EP so far, Lil Nas X has already won a Grammy. Moreover, during the 2020’s Grammy Awards, the singer tied with Billie Eilish after receiving six nominations. While the artist has yet to win any other major award, he has already won multiple MTV and American Music Awards awards. 

Upcoming Tours and Brand Endorsements

In less than a month, Lil Nas X will be traveling to London, the UK, for his upcoming concert. Moreover, the artist is lined up with artists like Ed Sheeran, Anne-Marie, KSI, Shane Codd, etc. However, if you can’t wait for that long, you can still find Lil Nas X in California on 3 December and in Illinois on 7 December 2021. 

As we mentioned earlier, Lil Nas X net worth currently lies around $8 million in 2021. But, music isn’t the only way of the singer’s fortune. So far, he has tied up with many brands, which has indeed helped him to make more money. 

His first major deal with any brand came after ‘Old Town Road’ when the singer worked for Wrangler. In 2020, Lil Nas X also appeared for a Doritos ad during the Super Bowl event. The Georgia-based singer has also worked with brands like Logitech, Panera, and Taco Bell. 

Early Life and support for the LGBTQ community

Born in Georgia and raised in Atalanta, the singer’s original name is Montero. At the age of six only, his parents divorced, and Montero moved with his father. Since childhood, the singer has shown a great interest in internet memes. Later, during an interview, Lil Nas X admitted that he spent most of his teen years on the internet only. 

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During the same period, the artist also struggled with his sexuality but accepted himself as gay at the age of 17. After the release and success of ‘Old Town Road,’ he came out to the world as a gay and is well-known among the LGBTQ community. 

While some of his fans criticized, some other fans and fellow artists congratulated the singer. A few individuals attacked him on social media for his sexuality and proved that homophobia still exists in the hip-hop community. 

As for his educational background, Lil Nas X graduated from high school in 2017. Later, he attended the University of West Georgia but decided to drop out only after a year. To run his career in music, the artist worked at different restaurants and theme parks for daily earnings. 

Summarizing Lil Nas X net worth and career so far


Lil Nas X indeed makes the first place on everyone’s list when it comes to the most promising talents. After dropping ‘Old Town Road,’ his career has only gone upwards, and the future looks only bright from here. 

While Lil Nas X’s net worth currently lies around $8 million, we’ve no doubts that these figures might become double anytime. With the recent success of his album ‘Montero’ and attractive brand endorsements, Lil Nas X is already earning a healthy amount every day. 

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that Lil Nas X also has property in California, which cost him more than $2 million. After considering the state of the real estate market, having such kind of property is indeed a pretty wise investment. 

Let us know which Lil Nas X’s song is your favorite and why. In case you’re trying to figure out the net worth of your favorite celebrity, then let us know, and we will have you covered. 

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