Luxury Hotels in Saigon, When Only the Very Best Will Do

Luxury Hotels in Saigon

If you are travelling to or reside in Saigon and want the very best of accommodation for either business or leisure purposes, then will want to look into luxury hotels in Saigon. The city offers some of the best hotels that the world has to offer, not only in terms of features and service, but also in terms of visual amazement, some of the best hotels have art at the very heart of their foundations. Before you go on your search for your luxury hotel, here are some of the best features on offer to really get your taste buds going.


When looking into luxury hotels in Saigon one of the top picks is the Hotel Des Arts in Saigon, offering the very best that money can buy when it comes to all round comfort. If you are looking for luxury then you are likely somebody who doesn’t just want a room for the night, you want a space to feel at ease, you want an experience. 

The best hotels offer the pinnacle of comfort all the way from the customer service that you receive, really making you feel special before you have even entered your room all the way through to the best of quality cottons and silks to lay your head down upon when you retreat at night.


Asides from the luxury space that you will be staying in one of the most important things for most people is food, if you are one of those people then are in for a real treat. The top picks offer a wide range of delicious, fresh, mouth-watering menus that include things like local specialities and Vietnamese/Asian delights, or, western cuisines if you should wish to enjoy something with a more Italian feel.

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Choosing a hotel that offers the choice is really important depending on what the occasion is, Vietnamese and Asian food is really tasty, but there is something about Italian food that you just won’t find anywhere else, you may even want catering services for things like a special occasion cake.


Of course, you will want the very best of drinks available and bars, especially if you are team building, that offer something unique in terms of feel and ambiance. On your search you will find that the best of the best offer things like rooftop bars beside swimming pools overlooking the city of Ho Chi Minh and offering some exclusive alcoholic beverages in the form of champagne and cocktails.


The way a place looks will make all the difference when it comes to how you or your guest/s feel, something that has been given some very careful thought in some of the hotels on offer. Being creatures of sense things like, look, smell or the feel of a place can either turn us on or put us off completely. When artists are involved in the design of a hotel, then you know that, how you feel is being taken very seriously.

How much luxury do you want?

The choice really is yours and fortunately for you, the options available are absolutely superb the only real decisions you will need to make are does the hotel offer quarantine services and, how much luxury do you want?

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