Menendez Brothers Now

Menendez Brothers Now


Life is full of surprises, and the events such as Menendez brothers now and then will help you understand that actions do have consequences. You might not have heard these names at all since they belong to the twentieth century.

Many people do not need any reason to get violent. Their actions are so outrageous that even law enforcement agencies are bewildered. Especially if we talk about murders and sexual abuse cases, we will learn that these are some of the high priorities you must attend to instantly.

With the development of time, the justice system is also evolving. We hope that we get better results with every passing day.

Menendez brothers now

Menendez brothers are none other than the most favorite topic of the public from the last century. You might be wondering where they are now. So let us tell you that both of them are confined at Richard J. Donovan Correctional facility in San Diego. The brothers have been serving in different facilities for over 20 years. Now finally, they have been reunited.

Why Menendez brothers are in jail

When you hear the news that the brothers are confined to jail, you will surely want to know more about why they are there. So let us tell you that it is one of the most famous cases of all time. Especially during the 80s and 90s, this case was in the headlines, and the media reported all the advancements of the trials. The case involved the murder of Jose and Kitty Menendez in their family mansion situated in Beverly Hills.

Why Menendez brothers are in jail

The story of the defense

Now let us tell you that the brothers, Lyle and Erik, were only 21 and 18 years old at that time. At that moment, there were allegations against them that they killed their parents because they could no longer take the abuse. Since their parents physically and emotionally abused them, therefore they killed them. This was the story presented by the lawyers of the Menendez brothers.

The story of prosecutors and the upcoming facts

If we talk about the story of the prosecutor’s side, then we will learn that they might have killed the parents just for the sake of money and financial gain. As the case progressed, the family members also came forward and testified that the claims of the sexual abuse of the Menendez brothers were real and true.

The sensation in the past and present

The case became a sensation in such a short time. In fact, there was a series of mistrials, but it was in 1996 when the Menendez brothers were found guilty of the murders. As a result, they were sent for two separate lifetimes. This case has become a sensation once again, and it is trending on the internet. Also, there are rumors that soon we will witness a documentary based on the brothers’ case.

The death of parents and the events after

Now let us take you through the incident from the past. Thus, if we take a look, we will learn that after the parents’ death, the Menendez brothers informed the authorities, and just after the funeral, they moved out of the house. They started traveling and spending the family money on expensive travels, getting themselves expensive products such as watches and clothes. Making stays at luxurious hotels and joining parties.

Party, therapy, confession

This particular lifestyle continued for six months. During this time, they also started having therapy sessions. Erik revealed to the therapist that they had murdered their parents. The police were tipped about this news, and as a result, they were arrested for the killings. The prosecutors’ narrative said the killings were only for financial gains and inheritance.

The long-lasting trial

This development in the case shocked the whole world, and the trial was conducted. Also, the therapy session videos were tried to be admitted as evidence, and it went on and on. Later after 30 months of the case’s progression, the California Supreme Court intervened, and due to the defense arguments, the first charges were dismissed.

The statements of Lyle

One of the most disturbing moments during the case was when Lyle testified against the sexual abuse he suffered at his father’s hands. His statement is mentioned below:

“He used objects … a toothbrush and some sort of shaving utensil brush. He’d r*pe me.”

“My own childhood prepared me surprisingly well for the chaos of prison life. You feel that loss of freedom deeply. It’s shocking to think about that what happened. It’s still jarring. Like, it seems so far removed from who I am and who I was. It could have so easily not have happened.”

The deadlock between the jury and the verdict

After years of trial, in 1992, the brothers were found guilty, but there was a deadlock between the juries. The court ruled that the trial was a mistrial. Later this case was again opened, and four years later, in 1996, an ultimate jury was appointed that found the Menendez brothers guilty of the crime. Till this moment, the time to the killings was almost seven years.

The deadlock between the jury and the verdict

The separated duo

There was a report released in the year 2017. According to this report, the brothers serve a sentence in different correctional facilities. They have repeatedly been pleading to be housed in the same correctional facility. But the pleas have been denied. In 2021 the brothers were reunited in a single correctional facility at Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego.

Marriage within jail

Both brothers are married during their prison time. Although Lyle has been married twice. The name of the wife of Lyle is Rebecca Sneed. On the other hand, Erik also married a woman named Tammi Saccoman.

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Menendez brothers now live under the same roof. They have been in jail for more than two decades, and they might not have any chance of release soon. This particular event is an example for all the world that actions do have consequences.

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