Mobile Legends Eudora Guide

Welcome to our guide to Eudora. In this guide, you will learn about the abilities, gameplay, and combos of Eudora from Mobile Legends.

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Eudora in Mobile Legends is a mage and has the power of lightning; all of her abilities are based on this concept.

Superconductor is Eudora’s passive ability. Anytime Eudora uses her spells on the enemies, it will apply an effect called Superconductor to them. This effect lasts for 3 seconds and further amplifies her attacks.

Forked lightning is Eudora’s first active ability. Cast this spell to deal 350–650 (+150% total magic power) as magic damage to enemies in an area of effect.

This is your main damaging spell. Use it in team fights to damage multiple enemies at the same time, or use it during the laning phase to quickly clear the waves and push your lane.

Ball lightning is Eudora’s main damage and crowd-control ability. Ball Lightning deals a total of 350–400 (+80% total magic power) as magic damage and also stuns the target for 1.2 seconds. This ability also reduces the enemy’s magic defense, further amplifying the magic damage received by the enemy.

If the receiving enemy is already affected by Superconductor, ball lightning will bounce up to three nearby enemies. It deals lesser damage and only stuns for 0.6 seconds to all the other enemy units after bouncing, and it prioritizes enemy heroes over normal units.

Eudora’s ultimate ability is called Thunder’s Wrath. Eudora deals 480–840 (+180% total magic power) as magic damage to the enemy.

Any enemy affected by Superconductor will have a dark cloud appear over them. This ability strikes after 0.8 seconds, dealing 440–770 (+150% total magic power) damage to the target enemy and 360–630 (+150% total magic power) damage to nearby enemy units.

Mobile Legends Eudora’s combos

You must have noticed already that Eudora’s abilities are designed in such a way that they go hand in hand. For example, starting your combo with Ball Lightning will deal more overall damage to the target because of its ability to reduce the enemy’s magic defense, dealing more magic damage.

Here are the two most essential combos to learn as Eudora.

Single-target combo: 2 > 3 > 1.

Start by using Ball Lightning on the enemy, follow up with your ultimate, Thunder’s Wrath, and end the combo with Forked Lightning. This combo will deal the highest single-target damage.

AOE combo: 1 > 2 > 3.

Start the combo by using forked lightning and hitting as many targets as possible; this will apply superconductor to all the affected units. Follow up with Ball Lightning to deal huge AOE damage and stun all the targets. End this combo by finally using your ultimate, Thunder’s Wrath. This is the best combo to deal massive area of effect damage.

This brings us to the end of Eudora’s guide. You are now ready to showcase your newly learned combos in Mobile Legends.

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