Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Attorneys in Denver

Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Attorneys

Denver regulations and dishonest carriers of insurance can complicate the process of getting compensation for motorcycle accident personal Injury Attorneys. Therefore, it’s essential for the wounded riders or their significant others to take action on their behalf to contact an experienced attorney with these types of claims.

The best firms have successfully handled a lot of claims against insurance companies. There were even verdicts for over $6,500,000 of damages for a single rider because of a head-on collision. Of course, every situation is different, and the number of damages will vary as well. While this is the case, a Denver motorcycle accident personal injury attorney will handle the case accordingly. They will help recover and compensate for property damage, medical bills, and loss of income.

If you have just been involved in a motor accident and sustained serious injuries, it may be time to go into a legal battle with the other party. These experts will build a case, interview witnesses, gather pieces of evidence, ask the right questions, and know-how to answer on your behalf to ensure that you will be getting fair compensation that’s due to you.

The Attorneys’ Processes

  1. Document Everything

When you seek legal assistance, there will be a team that’s going to be exclusively assigned to you. They will ask what happened, record the claims, get the medical records, read your insurance policy, and know the total amount you have to pay for your medical bills. This documentation process helps the lawyers understand more the extent of your injuries. They will then build a case based on these records for compensation.

  1. Investigation Process

The legal team and the lawyer will go to the scene of the accident in Denver, check the CCTV cameras if possible, and gather the minor details to help with the case. They will look into police records, footage of the dashcam, and witnesses’ statements to help build a strong defense and lawsuit against the other party. Read more about dashcams and the law when you click here.

  1. Negotiate the Terms

The negotiations may be done without going into a full-blown trial. This can be done outside the courtroom since the lawyers have a reasonable estimate of the compensation you’re entitled to. If the negotiations are not successful and you didn’t accept the offer, someone will be by your side to help you go to trial. They will present the case in the best light possible to help you win.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Contact a Lawyer during a Motorcycle Accident?

Many injured riders may find it challenging to get compensation after a motorcycle crash. This is for those who are trying to pursue their cases alone. The problem is that Personal Injury Insurance Protection is only required for cars and other vehicles with four or more wheels. The motorcycle riders are not allowed to carry PIP in general.

Even if the rider owns a car included in the PIP package, this coverage does not necessarily protect those who have incurred injuries in their motorcycles. In some cases, the rider is not covered by any insurance policy, and they can struggle with paying for their hospital stay, prescription medicines, and daily needs.

If you got severely injured in an accident, the lawyer would explain your options about pursuing compensation due to you for other losses and medical bills. The amount can further be compounded if there’s an instance of medical malpractice. You can try contacting your attorney almost immediately after the accident so that he can collect evidence and info for further support of your claims.

The lawyer will help you build a claim by doing the following:

  • Collect and file police reports and photos of the scene
  • Write statements of witnesses
  • Photograph or record the scene in a video
  • Investigate you and the other motorists’ driving history
  • Try to reconstruct what happened to the scene
  • Know your medical records
  • Consult experts like doctors, police officers, and more
  • Talk with the insurance company for you

Getting in Touch with the Right Company

You know that you were in good hands when you called a firm that has worked with motorcycle accidents before, and they know the laws governing these cases. They have extensive knowledge and experience about these things, and they can effectively deal with the insurers on your behalf.

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The right firm has access to the top pros, including medical experts and accident reconstructionists, so that the lawyers can build a more solid case for you. You can know more about the reconstructionist here: They also have a successful track record where they could get compensation for motorists that may include a $1 million accident verdict.

More about the Injury Claims

If the motorists were not at fault in the accident, they could always seek damages to the other negligent party who caused the crash. On the other hand, there may be a counter lawsuit where the opposition can assert that they were innocent.

While the riders don’t generally carry PIP insurance, it’s essential to know that they are not bound by the carriers’ restrictions. The injuries may not be limited to the damages for the compensation of medical bills or loss of a job. They’re also the damages brought by suffering and pain that they can file at the court.

Many motor vehicle accidents may include PIP insurance that requires the injured car driver to submit a threshold. They can then pursue their compensation to the other negligent parties, but this process may not recover suffering and pain damages. In motorcyclists, they don’t need this threshold, and this means that they can seek fair compensation for lost wages, suffering, pain, and medical costs.

Negotiations with the Insurance Companies

After the accident, attorneys may need to contact the negligent party and negotiate some form of compensation or settlement. This is necessary so that things don’t need to go to court. The information collected will be used as leverage and presented in favor of the injured. If the outcome is unsatisfactory or unsuccessful, there’s always a chance to pursue legal action against the other party.

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