Occupational Illnesses and Workers’ Compensation in Portland

As far as workplace injury is concerned, only a few things are straightforward, like amputations and falls. However, other things might be more complex.

For example, when you get an illness resulting from your employment, it might be a challenge to prove that the job is what caused it. 

It is imperative to understand better how workers’ comp laws in Oregon treat occupational illnesses and what you need to do so you can prove that the disease is related to work. You can get more info here.

What Workers Compensation Is

In Oregon, a workers’ comp system was developed to offer income protection and partial medical care to workers who become sick or injured on the job. This system also provides employers with incentives to minimize work-related illnesses and injuries. 

Most employers in Oregon buy workers’ comp insurance through state-certified insurance funds or private insurers. Employers with more prominent companies may as well have the alternative of insuring themselves.

How It Works

Under Oregon’s law, employers with one or more part or full-time workers must be self-insured or have workers’ comp insurance. This workers’ comp insurance coverage helps to protect both employers and workers. Companies that carry a workers’ comp are protected against liability lawsuits from work-related injuries or illnesses.

Employees with work-related illnesses or injuries should file a case to qualify for workers’ comp benefits. They must fill out Form 827- the Workers & Physicians Report for Workers’ Comp or Form 801-the Report of Job Illness or Injury, which they can obtain from their doctor.

On the other hand, employers must notify their insurer within five days of learning the insurance claim. Even if workers don’t want to file a case, employers must always provide them with Form 801.

What Workers’ Comp in Oregon Covers

Oregon’s workers’ compensation system benefits workers who get hurt or sick on their job. In addition, it may help to pay workers’ beneficiaries if work-related illnesses make them lose their lives. Worker’s comp may also cover:

  • Repetitive stress injuries or repetitive strain injuries that may develop with time.
  • Injuries or accidents that employees’ work caused.
  • Illnesses are often caused by exposure to allergens or harmful substances at work.

Filing a Claim

Workers’ comp claim in Oregon should be filed within three months for an injury. But if you get an illness on the job, you must file a case within 12 months.

To file a claim, talk to your boss and ask for Form 801. Contact a good lawyer if your boss doesn’t give you one or has questions about submitting and filling out the 801 Form. Your attorney will advise you on the best way forward.

Final Say

Following an accident in your workplace, you might need to figure out where and who to turn to. With a great workers’ comp lawyer in Portland, you will have confidence that everything will be in control. Your attorney won’t just help you file a claim. The lawyer will also explain everything in detail, including your legal options.

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