Quinceanera – The Complete Guide

Latin culture is known for many beautiful contributions to the world, including quinceanera celebrations. These are different depending on the area of the world, and as they can be grand affairs much like weddings, the wedding venues that host them. The event is rich with traditional Mexican history and in America, a quinceanera at a banquet hall can get very creative, but all share some important core values.

Catholic Mass 

Before the big celebration at the banquet hall begins, the young lady and her family attend a religious ceremony at the church full of blessings and faith. The quinceanera attends the church accompanied by her closest friends, known as her court, her family, and her godparents.

The Traditional Quinceanera Court

The girls of the quinceanera court are called “Damas,” while the boys are called “Chambelanes.”

A quinceanera will usually coordinate her dress to match the rest of her traditional court. This will become part of a dance that they will perform during the reception.

Father-Daughter Dance

Always a proud moment at a quinceanera, the father dances with his daughter to symbolize the relationship he has as the first man in her life, much like at many wedding venues. 

The Fiesta

This is more than just a reception. A quinceanera is a huge celebratory event where guests relax, enjoy, and unwind throughout the evening with a range of traditional music played.  

The Quinceanera Gown 

Designed as an extravagant outfit, the quinceaneras traditional gown symbolizes an “adult dress.” It is usually a colorful display that brings together the quinceanera and her family.

The Last Doll

As a symbol of moving from childhood to adulthood, the quinceanera’s father usually gives her a doll as her last childhood possession. This doll will commonly share the same style of dress as the quinceanera herself as a representation of her.  

High Heels

The gift of high heels is one offered by the parents or other family members of the quinceanera as part of a tradition to take her first steps as an adult into the banquet hall.


A quinceanera’s tiara symbolizes her beauty in the eyes of God. This simple headpiece will crown her during the religious ceremony before attending the banquet hall.

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