Realme Warranty Check

Realme Warranty Check


If we look at the currently trending queries, then “Realme” warranty check is the one that will surely get your undivided attention. In this modern world, mobile phones, or, to be more precise the smart phones have become a necessity. There is not a single task that you can achieve without them. In fact, ordering food is also possible with smartphones. Therefore it has become mandatory for every person to have a mobile phone or a smartphone of his own, if he or she wants to live up to the expectations.

There are many cases in which we witness that the public is unaware of many aspects associated with smartphones. This is why they post their queries on the internet to get expert guidance. Especially if we talk about the warranty check, then it is the basic right of every smartphone owner. Since many are unaware of how to do so therefore, in this article, we have provided some basic guidelines that will help you out in getting your hands on the desired details

Realme mobile phones

“Realme” is one of the most utilized smartphone brands in the world. Now you might be wondering why it is so. The actual reason behind the huge clientele is nothing other than the high-quality smartphones that are highly affordable. Compared to the smartphone industry giants Samsung and Apple,, the prices of the “Realme” smartphones are nominal.

The Android software

They are equipped with the softwares to process similar programs, thus allowing the public to get the best smartphone experience at a lower price tag. If we talk about the software, then as compared to the iOS software utilized by the Apple devices, the “Realme” devices use the Android software that is much easier to use and has a huge market with unlimited options and opportunities.

Realme Warranty Check

Now you might be wondering about the warranty of your smartphone. Especially if you have purchased a second-hand smartphone from a mobile shop and want to check the details regarding its warranty, then there are some simple steps you must follow. This procedure is the same for the people who have bought a new phone and want to check the warranty. Below we have mentioned all the details step by step for the enhancement of your knowledge:

Realme Warranty Check

1.     The IMEI determination

Every smartphone has a unique IMEI number that is different for every device. Many people know that it is inscribed inside the smartphone. But there are many other ways to find it out.

a.      Locating the IMEI on the packaging

First of all, you can locate it in the box in which the smartphone was originally packed. If you are unable to locate the packaging box, then there is nothing to worry about because you can still locate the IMEI number for your settings.

b.     IMEI finding from settings

All you have to do is follow the procedure step by step. Just open the settings in your mobile phone and locate the option “About Phone”. Click it, and you will find another option titled as “Smartphone Status”. After clicking it, you will come across the IMEI option. You can note down the number from here or copy it on the clipboard for use later.

c.      IMEI finding from the dialer

If you find locating the IMEI number difficult, then there is another simple way to do so. Open the dialer that is associated with the system and now enter a string of numbers “*#06#”. Now press the dial button, and the IMEI will be immediately displayed on your screen.

2.     The Web Support IMEI tracking

Once you have located the IMEI number, the rest of the process is easy. Now all you have to do is visit the Realme support website. Many might not be able to find it. We have mentioned the web address too.

3.     Inputting the IMEI1 number

On this particular page, there will be space just in the middle of the page. If you are able to locate it, then all you have to do is put in the IMEI number that you have previously checked by the steps mentioned above. Make sure you put the right IMEI number without mistakes to get authentic results.

4.     Click the check button and get the results

Once you put in the IMEI number and recheck it, the next thing that you should do is to click the Check button in front of it. Now the system will start running a check. After a few moments of authenticating, the system will relocate you to a new window. This window will contain all the information regarding your smartphone. Among these details, you will find the activation date. This will act as a marker for you to calculate the warranty of your smartphone.

The major details you should know

Most of the time, there are users who are unaware of how to get the IMEI number or are unable to do so. In such a case, some general information will help you get an idea regarding your smartphone. Below we have mentioned these details for the enhancement of your knowledge:

The major details you should know

  • Most smartphones have a one-year’s warranty.
  • The warranty of the smartphone battery is marked as six months in most cases.
  • The warranty for the smartphone accessories is six months.

The purchase slip marker

There are also several other factors that will help you get an idea regarding the warranty of your “Realme” smartphone. There is always a purchase slip that the mobile seller provides you. All you have to do is locate that invoice. Most of the time, this is the activation date since you activate the mobile phone on the same day. You can easily calculate the warranty of your “Realme” smartphone by corresponding to the mentioned dates.

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“Realme” warranty check is the perfect tool to help you make a purchase, especially in the case of second-hand smartphones. Since smartphones are not easy to buy and are quite expensive, you must make sure that you have taken every precaution before making the purchase to avoid any mishap.

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