Reasons to Hire a Lemon Law Attorney in Ohio

Hire a Lemon Law Attorney

One of the most significant purchases that someone will make in the state of Ohio is a vehicle. At the same time, your car is something that you will rely on for your daily use. When you purchase a new vehicle, you will expect that it will run well for a long time. Unfortunately, there are situations when the vehicle will not operate properly and could require repairs. In the state of Ohio, you could qualify for compensation under the state’s lemon law. There is a lot someone should understand about lemon law in this state.

Qualifications for Compensation Under Lemon Law

There are various factors to consider for whether your vehicle will qualify for compensation under the state’s lemon law. The Lemon law covers primary vehicles, such as cars, SUVs, vans, and motorcycles. RVs, motor homes, golf carts, and recreational vehicles will not be covered.

Repair Attempts

The main qualifier for lemon law is an overview of repair attempts without the issue being fixed. For most repair needs, this means you will need to attempt to have it repaired three times and still experience the same issue. For major safety concerns, you only need to attempt to have it repaired once. Also, a combination of eight total repair attempts for a variety of challenges could qualify as well. It is important to have all repair attempts documented.

Age of Vehicle

The state’s lemon law is designed to provide compensation and support for those who have purchased new vehicles. Repair attempts for the vehicle must start within one year of the original delivery of the vehicle and when it has less than 18,000 miles. This could include gently-used vehicles that were acquired within this window of time.

Compensation Under Lemon Law

If it is determined that your vehicle qualifies for compensation under the state’s lemon law, the actual compensation you receive can be significant. The manufacturer could be required to either purchase back your vehicle or provide you with a fair replacement vehicle.

How an Attorney Can Help

If you believe that you have purchased a lemon, hiring an attorney would be a very good idea. Ideally, you should hire an attorney early on in the process, and as soon as after the first repair attempt. Your lemon law attorney can help provide various services, which can include gathering all documentation and evidence. This can include reviewing repair attempts, vehicle damage reports, and other information. Based on this, they can offer a full consultation that can help ensure you understand the process and will have confidence in the result.

Your lemon law attorney will also help by moving the case forward. This will include notifying the manufacturer within the proper period of time, filing any documentation, and requesting compensation under the state’s lemon law. Most of these cases will be handled and settled outside the formal courtroom. However, if the claim is denied, they can move forward with a formal lawsuit, which can include building a case and presenting it in front of a mediator or judge.

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When believing that you have purchased a vehicle that would qualify as a lemon Ohio residents should always ensure they are following the proper processes to receive support and compensation. A local state lemon law attorney can offer all the guidance and support that you need through this process. This can help ensure you receive fair support and your rights are properly represented. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help ensure you are fairly compensated.

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