Safe, Fun Winter Activities Kids Can Do at Home

Fun Winter Activities

Being a parent is hard enough, and, to put it lightly, the pandemic hasn’t made it any easier. Keeping kids occupied and safe is difficult enough. Children also need fun winter activities that help their social and cognitive development.

Here are a few convenient ways for Toronto parents to keep their children productively engaged this winter with Fun Winter Activities .

1. Online Coding Classes

A program you can do from home that is fun and teaches invaluable computer skills? Signing up for the best coding classes for kids in Toronto will not only prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s workforce, but it’s also a ton of fun.

Just make sure to look for a program with small classes and young teachers, so the sessions are orderly and relatable. Students don’t need to compete with their classmates to get their teacher’s attention, and young teachers have professional and academic experience in coding that is valuable for being recent.

Don’t sign up for an online coding program unless it uses video games as the instructive focus of the class since children get glued to video games and are naturally curious about how to build and design them. Also, it should teach coding languages professionals use every day while working, like Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, or C++.

Learn to Make Seasonal Foods

Wintertime is ideal for heavier, heartier meals like stews or roasts. Involve your children in the kitchen, so they familiarize themselves with food prep and how to cook.

When they eventually move out of your home, they’ll know how to prepare healthy meals. For younger kids, start by showing them how to make their favourite food. They may be more responsive to working with chicken fingers than chicken fricassee, depending on their age and palette.

Dig Deep in Music  

Music is a vast and beautiful world! Exploring your favourite sounds can lead to rich and unimaginable pleasures, as can learning how to play an instrument yourself.

The internet has some incredible free tools for discovering new music and resources for musicians at all levels, from beginner to pro. Bond with your children by listening to your favourite sounds and vice versa. 

Show your kids how to strum a guitar or tackle learning how to play the instrument together.

Join Dance Challenge

Dance Challenge is a fun way to get your child moving in the winter months. Challenge yourself to join in the dance party. Kids can watch others, too! Dance Challenge not only keeps kids moving, but they’ll record new moves, dances, and songs along with exercise.
Dance Challenge App is perfect for kids who love to dance. It helps them practice pirouettes and toe-pointing, among other dance moves. They can learn choreography easily: the app features a tutorial video followed by many challenges that children can do with different skills levels, increasing in difficulty. This makes learning dance easy and exciting at home!

Embrace the Outdoors   

Technically, going outdoors involves leaving your home. But exploring your community is also a part of the home, and trudging out in the cold can be bracing and exciting. 

Winter has its own pleasures, such as the way trees look like chandeliers when their limbs are encased in glittering snow and ice. Toronto is fortunate to have outdoor hockey rinks people can freely play on. Take advantage of the beauty and amenities in your neighbourhood, just layer up and dress snugly.

Winter can be a cozy time where people embrace the elements rather than shy from them. Keep the above tips in mind, and your kids can have fun this winter learning or bettering themselves creatively without having to leave home. 


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