Safety of senior people: main threats and measures

Due to physical fading and deterioration of intellectual activity, an old person becomes helpless in the face of threatening situations that arise in life. Relatives of an old person need to take into account many nuances to ensure safety. In this article, we will look at how you can organize senior home care in Brooklyn.

Fire safety 


Most seniors have a decrease in important functions and susceptibility of receptors. The coordination of movements, hearing, vision, and smell are deteriorating. There is a threat to life and health since a person becomes limited in physical capabilities and can provoke fire hazard situations.


The situation is aggravated by the fact that many seniors are single people. When a fire occurs, old people may not smell the smoke and suffocate from the carbon monoxide. If a person is hard of hearing, he may not hear the warning cries of neighbors, as a result, he may simply burn out in his own house. The safety of the old and the disabled people can be ensured with properly organized constant supervision and proper care. (viagra)


The main factors that often cause fires and deaths are:


  1. Neglect of safety rules when smoking
  2. The hob is not being used properly.
  3. Use of household appliances with malfunctions.
  4. Lots of junk in the house
  5. Careless use of candles, as well as gas and electric equipment.


In addition, the difficulty in caring for an old person is that he cannot quickly respond to a dangerous situation. A properly functioning fire alarm can come to the rescue: when a fire occurs, it will be a salvation for the senior and his relatives.


It is important to take certain measures for the safety of the seniors:


  •  buy them a hearing aid (if there is such a need);
  •  remind old relatives to always keep the keys to the apartment, glasses, and phone  handy;
  •  install an easy-to-open front door;
  •  clear the passages on the way to the door.

Drug safety 


Taking medications prescribed by a doctor helps to avoid many health problems. But it’s a mistake to assume that over-the-counter drugs don’t threaten people’s safety. Any pills must be taken in a strict dosage at a certain time in accordance with the doctor’s prescription.


A pharmacist can advise on taking simple drugs, but it is advisable for the seniors to go to a pharmacy that is completely trustworthy. It is also very important to carefully read the instructions for the medicine first, especially if it is a potent one. This should be given special influence if there are several appointments since many of them do not combine well with each other. Due to side effects, a security risk may arise.

Nutritional safety 


One of the main conditions for maintaining the health and safety of old people at the proper level is the use of safe and quality foods. Each person is interested in his diet to be complete and varied. The choice of organic products is an important component of a healthy lifestyle.


Health safety can be threatened by foodborne illness. By constantly eating dangerous foods, millions of people fall ill, and many of them subsequently die. Therefore, it is important to eat in such a way that there are harmless foods in the diet.


In most cases, poor quality food affects the seniors. They can eat expired products, including those that have been artificially returned to their marketable condition. Also, the cause of poisoning can be products for the production of which environmentally hazardous raw materials are used.


It is especially important for old people to adhere to the general principles of a healthy diet for safety reasons, and when shopping in a store, choose products that have not expired.


The diet of an old person should be balanced in terms of calories, taking into account what energy costs are carried out by the body, and consist of quality products:


  1. The food should have anti-sclerotic properties, contain substances that stimulate enzyme systems, and break down fats (lipotropic), as well as biologically active vitamins and microelements that are easily absorbed under the influence of digestive enzymes.
  2. For old people, it is better to use foods that contain substances that remove cholesterol from the body.
  3. To prevent the development of hypertension, it is better to reduce the amount of table salt consumed.
  4. The diet of an old person should contain proteins, vitamins, and mineral salts in sufficient quantities. The calorie content of food should be reduced due to simple carbohydrates and animal fats.

Seniors’ safety at home


The threat to the safety of old people who have difficulty moving, in most cases, arises in everyday life.


To prevent health problems, you should act like this:


  1. To avoid falls and fractures, immediately wipe dry the floors on which water has spilled, remove objects along the way that block passages and interfere with free movement, and do not wax the parquet. To prevent carpets from slipping, it is better to secure them with double-sided tape.
  2. For safety reasons, an old person should not wash windows and do other work if there is a risk to life.
  3. While eating, a senior must be careful: do not swallow huge pieces and food that can lead to suffocation or damage internal organs (fish bones). It is important to always pay attention to the quality of products, and their freshness, they also should not cause allergies.
  4. All containers containing chemical toxic substances (gasoline, bleach, stain removers, solvents, etc.) must be signed for safety reasons and put away in a place inaccessible to an old person.
  5. Electrical appliances should not be stored in the bathroom.

Wrapping up


The main condition for the safety of old people is the manifestation of active attention and the provision of assistance from the family. If you do not have enough time or energy to take care of a close old person, you can entrust this responsible task to professionals. Galaxy Home Care is a great choice for hiring a caregiver. He will take care of your loved one, in particular, support him physically and morally, provide assistance in everyday life, and also ensure a safe environment at home and on a walk.


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