Self Love Quotes – How to Love Yourself First?

self love quotes

Valentine’s Week has started and the streets are filled with ‘hearts’. From couples walking hand in hand to the next-door café that is filled with wallpapers of hearts, isn’t it a delightful season? But here, we’re going to talk about something that is equally important to love someone. It is about loving yourself first and the self love quotes that helps you realize your worth.

Can you honestly admit that you love yourself? Are you someone who thinks so much about people around or your significant other, that you’re left with very little to give yourself? It is not bad to give it all out for people or the person you love. But it is equally important to know your worth and focus on growing yourself. This blog will help you walk in love with yourself, your body, and your mind. It will remind you why you’re always your first priority and that isn’t selfish at all. Before you move ahead, find out why it is important too!

Why is self love important?

Self love is the best gift you can give yourself. When you’re in love with yourself, it gives you confidence and makes you positive. It also gives you more strength to fall in love because you know how to love yourself before others. The process eventually helps you maintain your relationships and also retains self-dependence.

Loving yourself includes taking care of your body and mind. It keeps you away from comparing your life with someone else and makes you more confident. You’re aloof of what people think of you and are more concerned about what you think of yourself. These circumstances make you happier and self-sufficient.

Self love tips and steps to love yourself

Here, we’re about to tell you why you need to help yourself and how that works. It will give you the best tips to love yourself and help you learn new things in the process. If you’re someone who hasn’t ever loved yourself before, the steps might scare you. But it will eventually make you happier and give you confidence.

1. Taking steps to be happy alone

It is great to have friends and family together as it brings warmth, comfort, and happiness. But do you know you can also have the same level of warmth all by yourself? It is a way to enjoy your company and make you feel confident about yourself. You can go and watch a comedy movie at the theater all alone and enjoy it with a bucket full of popcorns. You can even go to McDonald’s and buy a Happy Meal and eat it all alone while watching your favorite web series on Netflix.

For starters, it might seem intimidating and you might find people looking at you and think you’re lonely. Again, the key here is to not think about others, but just about yourself.

2. Solo trips are rejuvenating

Many women can be scared of traveling alone, so why not start with a safe place? Just have yourself covered to prevent any kind of risk and you’re good to go! Solo trips help you discover new cultures and your adaptability. It helps you understand who you are and puts you out of your comfort zone.

3. Let go of the past

There are many things we tend to hold onto and it’s worse when we beat ourselves about something. Instead of overcompensating for things you did wrong, why not try letting it go and forgiving yourself? It is tough to move on from the past, but it does get better when you look at the brighter things. Sometimes it is best to let things go and understand that your self-worth is more than these.

4. Give yourself surprises

Do things you never thought you could in order to surprise yourself. It could be learning a new skill, joining the gym to see how strong you get, or putting yourself out of your comfort level to see how you react. You could be bad at cooking and want to try making something really tough. Your attempt will make you happy even if you goof up and it will help you start over too!

5. Write a journal

There can be times when you’re extremely low and don’t know what to do next. Writing down a journal can help you in such a case. It lets you go back to the times when you were feeling better and had nice things to write about yourself. It revives back your self-worth and makes you happy.

You can also add some of the self love quotes you’re about to read down below. These will keep you focused on loving yourself even when times are bad. Reading inspirational real-life stories from people worldwide can also improve mental well-being. Stories from The Doe contain many examples of inspiring personal narratives.

6. Take a break

The millennial world can sometimes get hard on us and we don’t even realize that we deserve breaks. You should give yourself some time out, where you go and do things you love. It can also be a relaxing spa or laying by the beach. Just give yourself the alone time and you will get back better and stronger.

7. Learn to say no

You can only give yourself a priority when you say no to others if they come between you and self love. You have to stop pleasing people and start pleasing yourself first. Don’t commit to things you don’t want to do and then feel forced into. Have the courage to say no and also face the consequences. But don’t let something overpower you. Self love needs you to first focus on yourself and then cater to others.

8. List your accomplishments

There are so many times in life when we feel like we haven’t achieved anything. If you want to feel good about yourself, you need to count on the things you have done before. You need to let go of the negatives and remember the positives. It will help you get ahead and also appreciate how far you’ve come.

9. Have a vision board

You got to visualize the goals you have and feel good about it. It should excite you about what’s ahead and give you the motivation to live today. It will help you focus on your dreams and love yourself. People who aren’t sure of their vision boards often don’t have a purpose in life. In order to have a purpose, you need to find what keeps you going.

10. Pursue skills and interests

If you haven’t tried something new for a really long time, you could give it a shot. You might end up enjoying it or move onto to something. But you’ll always know that you tried to learn something you don’t know. It is great to have hobbies and also keep your options open to newer ones.

11. Challenge yourself

Challenges just help us get better and exploring things you didn’t know about yourself. For instance, the first time you tried to sing, you probably didn’t know you have a nice voice. Only when someone asked to help out in their gig, you discovered that you’re pretty good at that. Always take up challenges as it makes you more confident and lets you see what that leads to.

12. Give yourself credits

If you’ve worked overtime this week, you probably do need a bottle of beer to unwind. Give yourself the treats you deserve in order to celebrate the little achievements. Life is not about racing towards the ultimate goal, it is also about the journey that got you there.

13. Trust yourself

You need to trust your instincts and you have to take the leap of faith at times. These can only do that when you trust yourself and know your worth. You have to allow yourself to make mistakes but always believe and have faith.

14. Take care

From pampering your body to maintaining good health, there are many ways to take care of yourself. You need to be the best version of who you are and look at the self-care ideas for starters. For now, it is time to take inspiration from the self love quotes below. These will give you a better idea of how you need to take care and love yourself.

Self love quotes and what they mean

Here are some of the best self love Positive Quotes that you need for the motivation of loving and appreciating yourself:

1. Start anew

There are times when we fail and don’t have the motivation to start over. All you need to go through is this quote. Just like the sun rises every day, you have to wake up, pull your socks, and run your race. Every morning is a new opportunity to start afresh. No matter how many times you have been backed down before, you got to look at a new day as a new opportunity to try again.

Self Love Quotes

2. Be brave and strong

We, humans, underestimate ourselves a lot. We always think that other people are doing better but we don’t think that we too are growing every day. This is one of the best self love quotes to make you believe in yourself and the strength you have. Only when you believe yourself you will see how brave and strong you are. It will reflect through your wit and change your life forever.

3. Be a Phoenix

There are times when we need to burn the person we are or we used to be in order to move ahead in life. This quote reminds us of how it is important to sometimes die and then be born again from your ashes. When you love and believe in yourself, you can bring your life back on track, irrespective of how dark it has been.

4. Open your mind

There are times when we blind our minds into having a certain perspective and not looking beyond. It is okay to think about yourself and have a set of principles. But you need to think beyond and allow yourself to understand why people think differently. Only when we allow people to live their way and not judge, we create a better co-habitable space. It is important to have open minds and embrace whatever life has to offer.

5. Live today

We must appreciate how far we have come and cherish what the past had to offer. No matter how good or bad your life has been, it has taught you and made you who you are today. So, always cherish yesterday and have better dreams and desires for tomorrow. But most importantly, you must live today and enjoy to the fullest.

Final thoughts

These are some of the best self love quotes that will help you get through your rough times. Just follow the steps above to love yourself more than you do now, and you’d see how changed you are in a few weeks!

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