A Complete Guide to Shopping at Dooney & Bourke

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Although Dooney & Bourke is known for its handbags, it sells leather and fabric accessories and apparel. The company’s website provides a map that can help you find the location of a store in your area.

Dooney & Bourke products are available at nine company-owned and several factory outlet stores. The outlet stores offer discounts that range from 20 to 60 percent. These discounts are sometimes higher during sales and on special promotions. The company’s factory stores also sell items not sold at its retail stores, including items from previous collections.

Some people have concerns about buying Dooney & Bourke bags at an outlet store. They worry that the bags are secondhand, were returned, or are somehow imperfect. To ease these fears, check with your local outlet store to ensure your desired bag is in new condition. Shop Online

Dooney & Bourke’s online store features many of the same styles you find at their stores, including a selection of their latest holiday releases. This year’s collection includes bags with Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto playing in the snow, trimming the tree, or a classic bag featuring holly berries and a bow.

While Dooney & Bourke isn’t considered an ultra-luxury brand, it does offer high-quality materials and craftsmanship at an approachable price point. This makes the brand an excellent choice for fashion enthusiasts looking to test the waters of luxury brands before taking the plunge.

The Dooney & Bourke app offers an easy shopping experience, faster checkout, and a range of unique features. It’s a perfect way to enjoy timeless American style from anywhere, anytime.

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Dooney & Bourke is a premium brand known for high-quality craftsmanship and classic styles. While the company’s designs don’t come close to ultra-luxury brands, their prices are still reasonable compared to other premium brands.

Dooney & Bourke outlet also offers a variety of other products, including apparel and accessories. Men’s products include cashmere sweaters and leather outerwear, while women can find quilted jackets and deerskin gloves.

Dooney has partnered with brands like Disney to release collections featuring characters, movies, and park themes. The company has also teamed up with Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Football League (NFL), creating bags that feature team logos and colors. If you want to find Dooney & Bourke in your area, check out local department stores and discount retailers such as Marshalls and TJ Maxx. These stores often carry a selection of Dooney & Bourke satchels, totes, cross bodies, and hobos.

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Dooney’s trademarked name and timeless designs make its products desirable, but the brand’s lower price point also invites knockoffs and fake bags. If you need clarification on the authenticity of a Dooney piece, look for branded trim or the interlocking Ds and Bs.

Dooney & Bourke started in 1975 with bridle leather accessories such as belts, suspenders, and tack cases. The company rode the fad for a while, but the 1980s brought a new wave of popularity with their iconic Disney-branded bags and classic leather pieces like surcingle belts that featured repeating dollar signs.

The brand has recently expanded beyond handbags to include apparel for women and men. Quilted jackets, cashmere sweaters, deerskin gloves, and hats are among the offerings. Dooney’s nine company-owned stores and many factory outlet locations sell the line. Dooney’s website also offers direct-to-consumer sales, an online store, and a streamlined shopping experience that allows the brand to engage with customers continuously.

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