Slim Thug Net Worth 2023 and a Career That Led to That

Slim Thug Net Worth 2023

If you are a fan of Hip Hop and Southern Hip Hop, we bet you are a big-time Slim Thug fan. Slim Thug, one of the most loved American rappers, has an unrivaled supremacy in these genres. A recipient of many prestigious awards and record-breaking albums, Slim Thug net worth 2023 soared to touch the $2 million mark.

His ever-flourishing career is attaining new heights with each single, album, or collaboration. His presence in the real estate market is further fueling his bank balance.

Let us unearth more details about this extraordinary American rapper, including his career details, net worth, family, and more. Here is everything you should know about Slim Thug.

Slim Thug bio

Slim Thug or Stayye Jerome Thomas is a famous rapper from America. He gained momentum with his hit single Still Tippin in collaboration with rapper Mike Jones. His popularity soared after he released his debut album Already Platinum in July 2005. It landed on the second position on Billboard 200.

He has collaborated with many famous names in the international music industry, including Beyonce, and worked with several renowned labels, including Swishahouse, E1, Interscope, Star Trak, etc. His songs have been a part of chartbuster lists, including Billboard Hot 100.

NameStayye Jerome Thomas, aka Slim Thug
Age43 Years
Height6 Feet 6 Inches (1.98 m or 198 cm)
BirthplaceHouston, Texas, United States of America
EducationEisenhower High School
DOB8 September 1980
Zodiac SignVirgo
Years Active1998- Present
SpouseNot Known
ParentsNot Known

Early life

Slim Thug was born Stayye Jerome Thomas on 8 September 1980 in Houston, Texas, USA. He went to Eisenhower High School.

Thug began his stint with music when he was only 17 with freestyle rap. He would perform at his high school parties.

In late 1990, he joined forces with Swishahouse and commemorated his professional rap career. Later, he took his own path with the motive of distributing his mixtapes and making more money in the process. He founded Boss Hogg Outlaws, his own label. He bought two recording stores.


First solo album

Slim Thug released his debut album, Already Platinum, with Interscope Records and Star Trak Entertainment in July 2005. The album grabbed the number two spot on the Billboard 200 album charts. It became a massive hit, selling 130,000 copies in the debut week.

Second solo album

Slim came out with his second solo album- Boss of All Bosses, in 2009. The album failed to leave a mark on the audience, but it gained entry on the Billboard 200 list at number 15. In its debut week, it sold around 32,000 copies. Singles included, the number I Run and was particularly famous.

Third solo album

Slim Thug released his third solo album- Tha Thug Show, on 30 November 2010. The singles included,

  • Gangsta with Z-Ro
  • So High with B.o.B

Fourth solo album

Slim released his fourth solo album- Boss Life in 2013.

Fifth solo album

Slim Thug released his fifth solo album- Hogg Life: The Beginning in 2015.

Other work

He collaborated with T.I. and Bun B for his single “3 Kings” and with Pharrell and Bun B for the single “I AIn’t Heard of That”. His famous collaborations include-

  • Still Tippin’ with Mike Jones and Paul Wall
  • Luxurious with Gwen Stefani
  • Check on It with Beyonce Knowles

He released three albums with his independent label, Boss Hogg Outlawz. His albums include-

  • Boyz N Blue (2004)
  • Serve & Collect (2007)
  • Back by Blockular Demand: Serve & Collect II (2008)

In 2008, he parted ways with Star Trak Entertainment and Interscope Records.

On 23 April 2013, Slim Thug released his EP “Welcome to Texas EP”. It featured several stars, including Pimp C, Ludacris, Rick Ross, etc.

Slim Thug net worth

Slim Thug is a big name in the music industry. He has worked with some of the biggest labels and celebrated artists in the industry. He has collaborated with the A-listers of the music industry on various albums, EPs, and singles. Many of his albums have topped the chartbuster lists and sold copies in millions. No doubt, Slim Thug is counted among the rich musicians of the industry.

As per some reports, Slim Thug net worth 2023 is estimated to be $2 Million. His main source of income is his music career. But he is also active in the real estate industry and makes money from there as well.

Social media presence

Slim Thug is very active on social media. He uses Instagram actively and has 1.9 million followers on the photo-sharing platform. He often shares details about his work and even gives a glimpse into his personal life to his Instagram family.

The rapper joined Twitter in March 2009. He has 285.5K followers on Twitter.

Slim Thug created his YouTube channel on 27 August 2013. Currently, he has 382K subscribers on his channel. He has posted 207 videos to date that have received 230,805,825 views collectively. The man music with the world through his YouTube channel and also streams live videos.

He also started “Hogglife”, a YouTube series. The series chronicles his personal life.

Here are the details about his social media channels.

Social Media PlatformSocial Media HandleFollowers/ Subscribers
Instagram@slimthug1.9 M
Twitter@slimthugga285.5 K
YouTube@slimthug382 K

Personal Life

During the early 2000s, Slim Thug’s name was associated with LeToya Luckett. The couple dated for a decade before calling it a quit.

It is being speculated that Slim Thug is dating his ex-girlfriend LeToya Luckett once again.

Slim Thug has a son, Dreux Mason. He is said to be the third son of the rapper and has two half-brothers, Stavye and Kobe. The identity of Dreux’s mother is still under wraps.


Slim Thug found himself in the midst of a controversy on 7 June 2010 when he released a statement regarding how black men are treated by women, both black and white. His statement sparked a big debate. Several singers, bloggers, and other renowned personalities, including singers D. Woods and Aubrey O’Day, rapper Talib Kweli, and Columbia University professor and cultural critic Marc Lamont Hill responded to his statement publicly.

Interesting facts about Slim Thug

  • Stayye Jerome Thomas got the nickname Slim Thug during his high school days, owing to his tall and slim stature.
  • Slim Thug tested positive for COVID-19 after releasing his fourth album.
  • MTV News reported that Lupe Fiasco’s famous video “Hip Hop Saved My Life” derived inspiration from Slim Thug. Fiasco himself quoted that his video is based on Slim’s life.
  • Slim Thug received the MTV Video Music Award in 2006.

The bottom line

Slim Thug is one of the most celebrated rappers of modern times. He has captured a million hearts and also made millions as attested by the Slim Thug net worth 2023. His hard-hitting music is how we know him and hope he continues to rule the world with his melodies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Slim Thug?

Slim Thug is a famous American rapper.

2. What is Slim Thug’s real name?

Slim Thug’s real name is

3. What is rapper Slim Thug net worth?

As of 2023, Slim Thug’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

4. How old is rapper Slim Thug?

As of 2023, Slim Thug is 43 years old. He was born on 8 September 1980.

5. What is Slim Thug height?

Slim Thug is 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 m or 198 cm) tall.

6. Who is Slim Thug wife?

Unfortunately, there are no details about Slim Thug’s wife.

7. Is Slim Thug dating someone?

It is speculated that Slim Thug is dating his ex-girlfriend LeToya Luckett.

8. Is Slim Thug on Instagram?

Yes, Slim Thug is active on Instagram. His Instagram handle is @slimthug. He has 1.9 Million followers on the photo-sharing app.

9. Does Slim Thug have children?

Slim Thug has three children- Stavye, Kobe, and Dreux.

10. Where does Slim Thug live?

Currently, Slim Thug lives in a beautiful mansion in Cypress, Texas.

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