Some Jewelry Ideas For Month-End Shopping

Month-End Shopping

Month-end shopping is a very tricky phenomenon. We all desire to purchase something but due to budget constraints, we can’t. However, there are a lot of items of jewelry that can easily be bought and worn by spending less money. Also, there are various month-end special deals too which you can utilize to purchase any jewelry you have been wishing for a long time. And lastly, there is an EMI option too for spreading the jewelry purchase amount into equated monthly installments over 3 to 6 months. Overall if you wish to fulfill your wish of buying SHAY jewelry now then there are a lot of crazy and eye-popping deals going around now, visit our store and take advantage of those now.

Month-End Shopping

Today we will talk about various items of jewelry that you can buy with a limited budget and look gorgeous. Here are a few ideas:

  1. A Beautiful Ring:  Everyone fancies wearing a diamond ring, but diamonds being very expensive we refrain from wearing them for daily purposes. However, there is a man-made stone called strontium titanate which looks exactly like a diamond. A strontium titanate is sometimes clearer than a diamond and hence can easily be mistaken by people as diamonds usually. Since these stones are man-made in a lab they demand very little maintenance and being abundantly available they are also within budget. You could wear a strontium titanate ring just the same as you wear diamonds, but we would recommend not wearing this ring for casual events like grocery shopping, or other similar local events. Wear it to a gettogether meet or maybe barbeque party or kids play date or other events similar to these. Also like diamonds, these stones are too flashy and hence not recommended for office wear unless you specifically buy a little bit less bright stone than wear it. Also, try to buy a silver ring with strontium titanate stone as this combination looks best. Platinum also works but it is expensive. Gold is in the premium range, you can try that out too if you want something to wear at parties, a gold strontium titanate ring.
  2. Pendants: Younger women nowadays prefer wearing pendants rather than necklaces simply due to the convenience that they offer. Necklaces are good without a doubt but if you want a particular stone to be the main highlight of the necklace you are wearing then pendants are the best choice in this regard. There are a lot of pendants available at different price points and depending upon your choice of chain material they vary. For month-end shopping needs, you could very well try a tanzanite stone pendant for an elegant look. You see, tanzanite is an affordable but rare stone found only in Tanzania near Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a beautiful darkish blue color stone that looks best when paired with white gold or sterling silver chain. You can also go for a platinum chain if you want something in the premium range.                                                                                                                      Month-End Shopping
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Wear a tanzanite pendant with a light-colored outfit and avoid whites or grayish colors as they diminish the pendant’s highlight. Also if you are targeting an attractive look then find a tanzanite pendant that is mixed with other stones. Like in our store you will find many different designs of tanzanite pendants with surrounding American diamonds, rubies, and other colorful stones. This is done to make the pendant even more attractive and highlighting. Try them out with outfits for different occasions and then see which one suits you better and for what purpose.

  1. An Affordable Premium Ring: This category is a subcategory between premium and budget. The items of jewelry in this category neither fall under the budget category nor do they fall under the high premium category, they are sort of in-between. You can find some good amethyst rings, blue zircon or other similar types of stone rings in this category. Amethyst is a very good choice for those who like to wear darker shades, since the stone itself is a darkish hue of purple it goes best with a sterling silver ring or white gold. Wear an amethyst ring to a ceremonial event or maybe a wedding or other similarly grand events. And wear it along with a golden or similar light-colored outfit for looking your best.


Jewelry buying should not always be about spending huge amounts of money on rare stones and rings as Month-End Shopping. It should always always be about buying what we love within our comfortable budget. Everybody runs on a tight budget especially during month ends, so that does not necessarily mean we will compromise on our wishes. Visit our store and you will find we have something for every type of person and within everybody’s budget. Whatever type of jewelry you’re looking for, you can be sure to find it at adinas jewels.

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