Tanzanite Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits


Tanzanite is a type of mineral called Zoisite. It was also known as blue zoisite, but it was renamed Tanzanite by Tiffany & Co jewelers. It belongs to the silicate family. It is a calcium-alum silicate stone. It comes in various colors, from deep blue to violet blue. It also has a Moh’s hardness score of 6-7. Tanzanite is the gemstone of transformation.

Tanzanite, a precious and rare gem, shimmers in beautiful shades of blue and emits mesmerizing energy. If Tanzanite isn’t tempting your soul, you can check out our Healing Crystal Guide to Essential Gems to find the stone that speaks to you.

The Gemstone of Transformation

The violet hues of Tanzanite will captivate you. This rare gem results from the unique mirage of colors found in the Merelani Hills, which sit at Mount Kilimanjaro’s snowcapped base. It was discovered for the first time in the late 1960s. Manuel d’souza realized it after first seeing the deep blue stones and thought he was looking for sparkling sapphires. He discovered a deep-blue zoisite instead of the sapphire.

The heat treatment of Tanzanite is what gives it its color. Local legend says that this happened by chance. It was a natural stone, a smooth brown pebble scattered on the Merlani volcanic basin floor. One day, lightning struck and lit up the area. A Masai herder went out to graze cattle when he saw a gem that sparkled in the sun after the smoke cleared.

The stone attracted the attention of the renowned New York Tiffany & Co. jewelers, who decided to rename it and bring it to the American and European markets.

For gem lovers, the discovery of Tanzanite was one of the most significant events of the 20th Century. Its indigo hues, strength, and soul attracted people to the stone. But most importantly, it was rare. Despite the rareness of this stone, the newness and excitement it generated caused many to forget to price it accurately per carat. Tanzanite’s price can fluctuate.

Tiffany & Co named Tanzanite one of the most stunning stones ever discovered. It’s easy to see why Tanzanite is so beautiful. It has a trichroic design, which means it can change color with each ray of sunlight. It can change color from violet to indigo to deep blue. It is beautiful and has a lot of healing properties. It’s full of harmony and composure. It helps us slow down, get still, and dissolve old patterns and thoughts that hold us back like anchors.

Tanzanite benefits

The tanzanite gemstone beads are a combination of mystery and grandeur. This gem can bring you deep meditation and heal through its high vibrations and energy. Tanzanite helps us find our inner peace and clear out old patterns. It also opens our minds and hearts to psychic abilities. Our ability to connect with the universe and nurture clairvoyant or cosmic possibilities can help us regain and rekindle power. See all the ways Tanzanite can bring joy, balance, and a higher purpose.

Physical healing

Tanzanite is a great immune booster. This gem encourages cell regeneration, which means that skin, hair, and cells can regain optimal health. If you’re recovering from an illness or undergoing a medical procedure, the soft indigo gemstone is an excellent stone to keep close at hand. This beautiful violet light gem can infuse you with strength and help the body detox. It can also be used as an amulet or talisman for people who have issues with alcohol dependency. Tanzanite is a gentle, serene joy that can ease tension issues such as stress, nerves, and migraines.

Emotional Healing

Give your soul all it needs, and let the Tanzanite gemstone shine its love on you. This radiant gemstone’s purpose is to make worries disappear. This beautiful, brilliant gemstone reminds us that we can make our own decisions and are not powerless. It gives us a sense of ownership and confidence. This doesn’t need to be loud and flashy, but it can be genuine, centered, and connected. It helps us overcome fear and let go of any worries we might have been holding onto.


The Tanzanite stone shines in the metaphysical. Tanzanite, a deep blue and indigo gem, is also connected to the throat chakra and the third eye chakra. When a stone is close to either of these chakras, it’s a sign that there has been a lot of healing. The throat chakra is where we find our inner truth and communicate our true selves to the world. Clear energy flows from our heart to our throat to the third eye and back to the third. This helps us not to hide who we are and allows us to live in the light. The third eye, a critical chakra, is also the gateway to our inner wisdom. We can trust that we know the answers and open ourselves up to psychic abilities that we might have missed in the past.

Zodiac properties

The December birthstone is the Tanzanite gemstone. It echoes the raw beauty and power of winter winds and velvet clear solstice sky. Tanzanite is a beautiful choice for all Sagittarius-born people. It can help centaurs to shine and overcome any obstacles. Sagittarians are kind, loyal, and intelligent; Tanzanite helps them keep all that ticking. (viagra) Tanzanite helps them stay open-hearted and generous. It allows them to be thoughtful and connect to their inner desires and dreams. Sagittarians see great value in living their truth. Tanzanite helps them continue following the threads of fact to find their way back to the body.

How to Use Tanzanite Stones

Tiffany & Co. saw great value in Tanzanite being used as jewelry. Although the NY jewelry store might have only been interested in encouraging people to purchase a beautiful gemstone, they express their unique power through jewelry. There are many ways you can use the Tanzanite gemstone. You can invite it into your home, office, or other healing or clairvoyant practices. Here are some ways to get the most out of the Tanzanite gemstone.


Wearing crystals as jewelry is a great way to honor them and their healing energy. The healing stones can be applied to the skin so that nothing blocks the flow of vibrational energies. This ensures that healing energies reach the right place. A pendant containing Tanzanite can encourage it to be in close contact with your throat and help clear any blockages. Tanzanite earrings can also awaken the third eye chakra, which will help you connect to your inner wisdom. A Tanzanite bracelet can be worn to press the gemstone against your pulse. This will send ripple vibrations of intention, healing, and peace throughout the body.

There are many beautiful options for those who wish to pair Tanzanite with other gemstones that work harmoniously. Amethyst makes a great partner for Tanzanite. It also completes the higher chakra block. Amethyst shares the serenity and healing powers of Tanzanite. It also helps to maintain your higher consciousness and ensures that your truth is connected to the more incredible cosmic picture. Amethyst supports physical healing and nerve balance and ensures you don’t feel weighed down by worries, migraines, lack of sleep, or worry.

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