The Equipment Used by Photographers Can be Divided Into Three Groups


BeginnerWhen you’re just starting out improvisation is key. You won’t always have the best lighting or the most appropriate backgrounds for your photos. Natural light from a window is often your best option for taking business photographs of homemade products or baked goods.

White Foam BoardReplace a reflector with a white foam board.The DSLR Camera & Kit Lens is an ideal combination for beginning photographers.When starting out, a good DSLR camera with a low ISO and F-stop are recommended to help you get the job done.Category 2 – IntermediateHaving familiarized yourself with your camera and learned to shoot in manual mode, it’s time to upgrade some of your photography studio equipment. Start with a lens—a real one, not a filter—and the use of a tripod when needed.Improved LensBasic cameras generally come with a kit lens that is well matched for general use. For more control over your images, it’s recommended that you upgrade from your kit lens to a fixed 50mm prime lens. The fixed focal length allows you to adjust the camera’s perspective by moving closer or further from the subject, which allows for greater control over depth of field—the distance between the nearest and farthest objects that appear in acceptably sharp focus—and allows you to blur foreground and background elements as shown above.Reflector configurationReflectors are used to direct, bounce, or otherwise redirect the light falling on a subject. The reflector can be used to remove shadows, add highlights, and change the ratio of light in a scene. Reflectors are helpful in lighting situations that involve more than one object, such as group portrait photographs.StandA good tripod lets you take incredibly sharp and detailed photos, as well as perfectly steady video. All of which helps to bring viewers to your site and keep them coming back. A basic tripod is a good start, but an upgrade like this one will make your life easier in the long run. With a tripod, you can use shutter times of 10 seconds or more to get perfectly sharp blog photos like the image below.Category 3 – AdvancedOnce you have mastered basic techniques for photographing your blog posts, you will want to advance to more advanced techniques. For example, by using artificial light and a remote shutter release, you can reduce shadows and gain more flexibility in the shooting process. ( Wireless Shutter ReleaseWireless remotes allow you to work freely and easily when taking photos with your camera. With a wireless remote, you can set up your shot, include all the necessary props, and get the perfect angle without stopping to change any settings on your camera. Wireless remotes make it easy to capture action shots or move around freely without having to adjust your settings.Artiffcial LightIf you have trouble finding natural light, umbrella lights can be a valuable tool for your photography business. They are a forgiving light modifier that bounces light back on your subject, creating a soft allover light while reducing shadows and evening out the lighting. With a little practice, you’ll be able to use them effectively in all kinds of situations.

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