The Physical and Mental Health Advantages of Riding a Motorcycle

Advantages of Riding a Motorcycle

In today’s world, physical and probably, more importantly, mental health is of real importance to maintain and to keep on top of. With lockdowns and restrictions all over the place, it can feel like the world is closing in, however, with a motorcycle, you can be your own boss, keep fit, and be healthy in mind and body.

Let’s see the physical and mental health advantages of riding a motorcycle.

Burning calories

It takes a lot of strength and use of body muscles to ride a motorcycle; you could call it the all-around workout that you never had. If you already own a motorcycle from somewhere like Wheels Motorcycles then you will know just how tired yet fulfilled you can feel after taking a ride out on the open roads. The reason you feel tired is that your body muscles are being used more than you realize. When you use your muscles, you will sweat, which in turn will burn calories.

Because riding a motorcycle is so much fun it won’t seem like a workout at all but you can rest assured that your body has gone through some strenuous exercise.

Say goodbye to squats

Riding a motorcycle requires almost constant movement, some of the most used areas of your body will be your knees and thighs, the regular movement is really good for your health, it strengthens your thighs which will, of course, strengthen your knees. You can just as well say, ‘good bye’ to squats and, if you suffer from any kind of knee or thigh pains the low impact motion of riding a motorcycle could be used as a form of physical therapy.

Neck and core body strength

Have you ever held a motorbike helmet? They aren’t exactly the lightest of things and if you consider that, if you owned and rode a motorcycle daily then you would be giving your neck and core body muscles a well-earned exercise every time you put your helmet on compared to those who don’t use a helmet.

Some motorcycles come with ‘windshields’ but quite a few do not, if your bike does not have a windshield, then you can be sure that your neck and core muscles are getting even more of a workout as you fly through the wind, you will be using your neck and core muscles just to keep your head level. 

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Riding a motorcycle actually takes a higher level of alertness than, for example, driving a car. There are some studies that show that riding a motorcycle can improve cognitive function by up to fifty percent! Mainly because the activity of riding a motorcycle requires a high level of alertness and quick problem-solving techniques, of course, the faster you go the more these skills will be improved upon.

Mental health

Any form of exercise or leisure activity that can help to take one’s mind off of the day-to-day grind of what is going on around them is going to do wonders for their mental health. A motorcycle is one of the best forms of escapism that is available, you can go wherever you want to a certain extent but still, feel one with the machine and with nature.

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