Things Everyone Should Explore When Using TikTok

Things Everyone Should Explore When Using TikTok

Social media applications have been rampantly circulating across the internet. Boys or girls, young or old, everyone has their own social media platform that they are getting hooked to. With too many of them, it is not surprising if people’s obsession with these applications leaves you surprised.

One of today’s most popular and most downloaded app is the Tiktok. It is a free social media application that allows its users to create, watch, and even share videos conducted with any popular song of their choice. But how fun is Tiktok? Let us list down a few of the fun features of this app you might want to explore.

Exciting App Filters

Most of the teenagers are getting fond of using this application as some of them believe that it somehow helps them boost their dancing, singing, and even acting skills. Even beginners can learn right away on how to use tiktok, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to enjoy it even with your eyes closed.

It is easy peasy to use the app filter. Once you opened Tik Tok, you press the “plus” icon. It should give your screen the view from front to back camera, hold and press the red button if you want to record a video, and tap for photos. From there, tap the “Effects” option. Once done choosing your filter, click the “Share” button to share it with your friends.


You may think that Tik Tok only offers photos and video editings, but you’re wrong as this application also provides messaging, just like what other social media platforms do. But unlike other platforms, this one has a few restrictions to prevent possible harassment and spamming.

If you wish to send someone a message, you may go to their profile and hit the “Message” button. Take note that only those who follow that person can send him or her a message, and your message will stay unsent if the person you are messaging doesn’t follow you back. If you both have successfully followed each other, you may start exchanging messages and even send stickers.

Tiktok Video Creation

Millions of users of the Tik Tok application enjoy spending their leisure time watching videos that are uploaded by other people every day. It is so much fun and easy to create your video; some even get so into it that it makes them want to create more and more.

It is clear to see that it is not only a dull and boring application for video sharing, but it could also be a music video creator. Once you have successfully recorded and saved your video, you can tap the “Select sound” option. You may also adjust the volume and tap the “√” to save your changes. The last step is to put the necessary captions and tags, and it should be suitable for sharing with your friends. If you want really fast engagement on the platform you can run tiktok paid ads which is guaranteed to increase user engagement in a short period.

Dance Challenges

One of the best features this application showcases is its Tik Tok dance challenges. Everyone confident enough to upload their dance videos will surely love this part of the application. 

Users may begin their own Tik Tok challenge with the option to use any songs from an artist or their original audio. Simply create the video of your challenge, add the necessary hashtags, and upload it in your profile.


Each people have their preferences, even with these popular social media platforms. It may be Tik Tok or something else; what is more important is the fun and enjoyment it gives to its users. We also need to make sure that we practice moderation in using these applications, especially in privacy matters.

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