Timothée Chalamet Net Worth

Over the last few years, it’d be comfortable to say that few Hollywood actors have enjoyed an ascendancy quite like that of Timothée Chalamet. Since 2021, he’s featured in five hit films and, this year, he’s headlining what looks set to be one of the year’s great blockbusters.

Now, at 28-years-old with an Academy Awards Best Actor nomination already, Chalamet has the entertainment world at his feet, and will almost certainly only go on to even bigger productions than even that of the sci-fi epic he’ll headline in 2024. So, with all of this success at such an early age, what’s the French-American’s net worth now?

Potentially breaking $3 billion in 2024

Upon the release of Dune: Part Two, Timothée Chalamet had performed in 21 feature films, also taking on the role of producer in the 2022 movie Bones and All. Prior to the cinematic run of Chalamet’s second outing as Paul Atreides on Arrakis, he’d already been in films that had accumulated over $2.2 billion at the worldwide box office.

In a leading role, his two biggest hits were 2021’s Dune and Wonka of 2023, which brought in $434.8 million and $618 million worldwide, respectively. Of course, both were creations that follow on or recreate previous Hollywood outings. Wonka was a prequel to the famed Gene Wilder-lead Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory from 1971, which was itself based on the novel by Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

That 1971 film remains incredibly popular to this day, thanks in large part to the performance of Gene Wilder. It’s why it they attempted to create an immersive Willy Wonka event in Glasgow this year, and why the Willy Wonka: World of Wonka was able to become such an instant hit when it launched in 2023. Still a big name in online slots, the Light and Wonder-made game is teeming with features based on the iconic 70s movie. The Everlasting Gobstopper, Oompa Loompas, and, of course, Wonka himself all offer an unexpectedly in-theme twist to the slot.

Seeing just how popular this slot adaptation of the 1971 movie is, clearly, the bar was set very high for Chalamet in the prequel film Wonka. If the 66 out of 100 Metacritic score and the $618 million worldwide are anything to go by, it seems the actor stuck the landing rather well. While not as much of a money-maker, it could be argued that Dune was what propelled Chalamet into the mainstream spotlight, leading people to search for his height online.

Chalamet’s raking in the cash

As you can see, the actor has done rather well for himself even before hitting his 30th birthday. He’s lead hit films, featured in box office hits, earned his first Academy Award nomination, and been on a fair few episodes of TV. So, it won’t come as a surprise that, at the end of 2023 – before the release of Dune: Part Two – Timothée Chalamet’s net worth stood at an estimated $25 million. He also stood to earn close to $9 million with Wonka, which would put his net worth firmly in the $30 to $40 million range.

It isn’t just at the box office where Chalamet is making his worth, though. In the summer of 2023, Chalamet was announced as the Bleu de Chanel ambassador. He’s also currently sitting on a very marketable 2 million X and 19 million Instagram followers, as of the time of writing. Essentially, anything he’s in agreement to promote will be seen by nearly 20 million people, which will earn Chalamet a good chunk of cash. On top of this, he’s also got himself into the real estate game.

As discussed on a nighttime talk show earlier this year, Chalamet’s first residence was an apartment in New York, which Zendaya helped him to set up and make into a proper living space. Later, in November 2022, he made his way westwards and to California. Here, he snapped up the mansion put up for sale by model Kate Upton and her MLB star husband, Justin Verlander. They paid $5.3 million for the house in 2016, but he was happy to haggle them down from $11.7 million to $11 million to snap up the pad.

As it stands, Dune: Part Two looks to be Chalamet’s only box office outing in 2024 – his Bob Dylan biopic is still in pre-production. Still, that one outing looks set to blow past the first installment’s return and perhaps propel the actor’s net worth to even greater heights.

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