Top 5 Best Cheeses For Delicious Pizza

Best Cheeses Papa Johns

What cheese goes best with pizza? It is worth noting an important fact: the cheese must be put in 2 layers. The first layer covers the cake immediately after the tomato sauce, the second layer – on top of the filling of Best Cheeses.

The first stage of the cheese is put for flavor and texture, the second stage is designed to saturate with taste and aroma.

Below, read about the types of cheese that can add a spicy or sour taste. Everything depends on your desire. Agree that every chef and pizzaiolo uses their own tricks in preparing this dish. 

Life Hack: if you have no big tray for serving pizza you could also use a cheese board (link to website).

Why is the first stage of laying cheese necessary?

So, at the first stage, a layer of cheese is placed on the cake with tomato dressing. Soft varieties are suitable for this process. The structure of the young soft cheese allows it to melt gently and spread over the surface. Notice the base stays crispy. This is all due to the young ripening (up to 15 days) of the cheese. The next plus of soft varieties is their neutral taste, which goes well with all the ingredients.

We recommend using Mozzarella Cheese for laying in the first layer.

Characteristics of mozzarella

A variety such as Mozzarella is one of the main ingredients of the Italian dish. Its delicate, elastic structure allows the pizza not to spread and form a soft crust on the surface of the cake. Delicate, delicate taste goes well with the main products, it is able to highlight each ingredient. A distinctive feature of Mozzarella is the lack of odor when heated, as seen with many cheeses.

What is special about Brynza?

This variety resembles Mozzarella in its malleability and ability to melt. If you add Cheese to a dish, you can feel the creamy taste. Due to the salt content of Bryndza, pizza becomes fragrant with a rich taste. The “highlight” of Brynza can be considered its low calorie content, approximately 260 kcal. Often, nutritionists recommend dishes containing Brynza when dieting or maintaining a sports form.

The secret of the aromatic taste of pizza – in the second layer of Best Cheeses

The next stage of laying the cheese serves as the final touch to give a pleasant color, rich taste and stretching texture to the dish. We recommend using mature, firm varieties. They need time to mature, about six months. These cheeses have a rich, spicy, spicy taste. It is this combination that can make a delicious dish that you want to eat immediately.

The second layer of cheese must be grated and simply poured on top of the filling and all the ingredients. When baked, an appetizing, crispy crust forms on the surface. Pizza cooks quickly, so the cheese has time to melt a little, but not dry out – this is the most important point in the proper preparation of an Italian dish.

We recommend using varieties such as Maasdam, Parmesan and all types of Dutch cheeses.

The most popular type of cheese in Italy is Parmesan. It goes well with the main ingredients of pizza: meat, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms. This is one of the suitable varieties for making pizza. Due to its solid structure, it does not have time to completely melt, forming a piquant taste and a beautiful crust.

Maasdam can be described as a semi-hard variety. It has a nutty flavor and is suitable for making pizza. Aged Maasdam should be 6 months. The main “highlight” of Maasdam is the ability to melt and form a golden crust on the surface of the cake.

Everyone’s favorite Dutch varieties are famous for their taste. With such a product, the dish has a spicy aroma, creamy notes are felt. Note that it is the Dutch varieties that are suitable for the first and second layers. They go well with vegetables, which will delight vegetable gourmets and vegetarians.

Conclusion: note that the pleasant taste, piquancy and structure of pizza depend on exposure and quality workmanship.

Important: Many people prefer to cook their favorite dish at home, with homemade dough and fresh ingredients. To prepare for the test, you need to know a few rules. We want to share a recipe for an easy, tasty, yeast-free dough. For cooking, you need: mix wheat flour, warm milk, 2 eggs, a pinch of salt, 2 tbsp. vegetable oil. First, the ingredients (dry and liquid) are mixed in separate containers, then gently mixed. Knead for 10 minutes, let the dough rest for 15 minutes. Leave it aside and cover with a paper towel. Everything, the dough is ready. Add the necessary ingredients, and in the oven! Bon Appetit.


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