Types of Necklace Chains: How to Choose Best Necklace Design

Types of Necklace Chains

Types of necklace chains evolve with time. From age old classics made of authentic metals to funky junk jewelry, every type reflects a taste of the one adorned.

If you want to have an idea about different types of necklaces to start jewelry design, this guide will walk you  through what you need.

How necklaces make an impact

Necklaces, a common accessory for many ages, have come to represent refinement, social standing, and individuality.

The necklace chain is the backbone of these beautiful accessories, serving as a structural anchor for the pendant or charm while also adding to the piece’s aesthetic appeal.

The world of chains is fascinating because of the wide variety of accessible types of necklace chains, each with its own distinctive qualities and history.

In this in-depth piece, we set sail for the fascinating realm of necklace chains. We will explore many chain types’ origins, designs, and appropriateness, from the standard cable chain’s straightforward elegance to the Byzantine chain’s intricate beauty.

Let us explore the alluring charm of the different types of necklace chains, each with its unique narrative to tell whether you prefer a subtle touch of elegance or a strong statement piece.

Chart Of Different Types Of Necklace Chains

Here’s a chart types of necklace chains summarizing the key features of each:

Chain TypeThicknessWeightLink Type
Ball ChainThin To MediumLightBead
Box ChainThin To MediumMediumBox
Cable ChainThin To MediumMediumOval or Round
Cord ChainThin To MediumLightTwisted Wire
Figaro ChainThin To MediumMediumOval and Round
Link ChainThin To MediumMediumRound or Oval
Rolo ChainThin To MediumMediumRound
Rope ChainMedium To ThickHeavyTwisted Strands
Cuban ChainMedium To ThickHeavyOval and Round
Curb ChainThin To MediumMediumOval or Round
Herringbone ChainThin To MediumMediumOval or Round
Marine ChainMedium To ThickHeavyAnchor
Snake ChainThin To MediumMediumSnake
Byzantine ChainThin To MediumMediumByzantine

Different Types Of Necklace Chains And Their Uses

The choice of chain style for a necklace is essential since it affects its visual appeal and wearability. There are different types of necklace chains, but only a few have become perennial classics. Let’s examine the most well-liked necklace chains that have won over women all over the world:

Ball Chain

The ball chain, also called a bead chain, is among the distinctive types of gold chains for necklace consisting of small, sphere-shaped metal balls strung together. The chain’s classic and sophisticated look is largely due to the hollow balls, which range in size from tiny to enormous.

Because of their durability and versatility, ball chains go well with dog tags and pendants. They typically comprise precious metals like gold, silver, or stainless steel.

types of necklace chains

Box Chain

The distinctive interlocking square or cube-shaped links of the box chain make it so distinctive. These links are worn flat on the skin for a sophisticated appearance. Box chains go with many different pendants because of their adaptability.

They come in a wide range of widths, with the thinnest chains being the most delicate and the thickest chains the most eye-catching.

Cable Chain

The cable chain, often called a link chain, is among the old and reliable types of gold chains for necklace. Its links are all the same size and shape, forming a uniform oval or round chain.

The pattern determines whether the links are tightly braided together or spaced out. This form of chain is most popular because one can wear it with various pendants.

Cord Chain

The cord chain is an alternative to standard metal chains that use a fabric or leather string instead of traditional metal links. This particular chain style is great for relaxed settings because of its boho vibe. You can creatively decorate the necklace’s cord with knots, beads, or charms.

Figaro Chain

Italian in design, the Figaro chain consists of two or three smaller circular links sandwiching a larger oval link. This chain is a popular option for both sexes because of the aesthetic intrigue and intricacy added by the repeating design.

The Figaro chain is wearable on its own or combined with other necklaces or pendants to make a more elaborate pattern.

types of necklace chains

Link Chain

The link chain is a straightforward structure comprising rounds or ovals linked together in sequence. Those who want understated jewelry often opt for this style.

Individuals can choose the thickness of their link chains to reflect their own sense of style and individuality, as link chains come in a wide range of sizes.

Rolo Chain

The Rolo chain, commonly known as the Belcher chain, is distinguished by its hefty, homogeneous links. It is a top pick among the various types of gold chains for necklace.

A strong and reliable chain is the result of joining these links together. Rolo chains are typically associated with charm bracelets but can also be worn as necklaces, particularly to highlight thicker pendants.

Rope Chain

The rope chain is a time-honored style that mimics the look of a twisted rope. The pattern is made by weaving several chains together to form a complex web.

The twisting effect makes the necklace more interesting and sophisticated, making it suitable for both business and social settings.

Cuban Chain

The Cuban chain originates from Cuba and is among the well-known types of gold chains for necklace for its daring and reliable construction.

The chain’s large, oval links interlock tightly, giving it a particularly opulent and manly look. It’s common to see people wearing Cuban chains as standalone accessories, without any pendants at all.

types of necklace chains

Curb Chain

The Curb chain resembles the Cuban chain but has a distinct appearance and feel due to its flattened links. This classic shape works well with various pendants; any gender may wear it. Individuals can choose the curb chain width that best complements their own sense of fashion.

Herringbone Chain

The Herringbone chain is easily recognizable due to its characteristic pattern: a sequence of flat, parallel v-shaped links. This style results in a necklace that flows gracefully and sits comfortably around the wearer’s neck.

Even though herringbone chains are fragile and require special care, they are popular for formal events because of their elegant appeal.

types of necklace chains

Marine Chain

The Marine or anchor chain draws design inspiration from the sea. It looks like a chain that secures a ship’s anchor and has oval links with a bar across the middle. This style elevates the necklace to the next level, making it perfect for dressy or informal occasions.

Snake Chain

The Snake chain’s distinctive and silky finish calls to mind the reptilian skin. These types of necklace chains are made by connecting small, circular metal plates to form a flexible and sleek chain, allowing it to flow beautifully with the wearer’s every move. Pendants, especially those with a thin bale, are popular accessories to use with snake chains.

Byzantine Chain

Originating in the ancient Byzantine Empire, the Byzantine chain is a complicated and elaborate pattern. It’s rich and velvety because of the intricate pattern of interwoven connections. Byzantine chains are a popular choice for heirloom jewelry because of their ornate design and the high level of expertise required to make them.

types of necklace chains

How To Pick The Perfect Necklace Chain?

Choosing from the types of necklace chains that work with the wearer’s own style, the wearer’s comfort level, and the pendant it carries is more than just an aesthetic decision. A pendant’s beauty can be brought out to its utmost with the proper chain, while a poorly matched chain could detract from it. Furthermore, the comfort and wearability of the necklace as a whole are affected by the chain choice, so it is essential to consider several aspects before making a final decision.

Style Enhancement

The necklace’s chain is essential since it provides the setting against which the pendant can stand out. The elegance of a pendant can be emphasized by pairing it with a similarly refined necklace, such as a box or cable chain. On the other hand, a Cuban or curb chain complements a bold and massive pendant because of the added sense of power it brings to the ensemble.

Outfit And Occasion

It’s important to dress appropriately for the event you’re attending. A delicate and subtle chain, like a snake or ball chain, is perfect for everyday wear and less formal situations. On the other hand, a formal occasion may call for the extravagance of a Byzantine or herringbone chain to pair with a formal gown.

Neck Size And Comfort

The chain’s length and width are critical factors in achieving a good fit. Rope and cord chains, in particular, are perfect for those with lengthy torsos or plunging necklines because of the way they visually stretch the wearer’s silhouette. If you have a small frame, you might look better in a rolo or a link chain because of its lower length. The chain’s weight and feel are also important factors in securing all-day comfort.

Concerns About Metal Allergies

The chain’s metal should correspond with the wearer’s tastes and avoid any potential allergic reactions. Gold and sterling silver are always popular due to their classic look, but people with metal allergies have stainless steel and hypoallergenic alloys to choose from.

Final Thoughts

It’s essential to pick the proper chain to ensure your necklace reflects your taste. Numerous types of necklace chains are available, ranging from the traditional cable chain to the modern rolo chain. Gold chains add glamour and versatility, with many options for any outfit or event. Your choice of necklace chain is an excellent opportunity to express yourself and set yourself out from the crowd.

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