Veal Victorious as Goodyer is Crowned Speedweek Champion

As the clock struck midnight, marking the beginning of a new year, the Sungold Stadium Premier Speedway was already buzzing with excitement. The new year kicked off with a bang at the Sungold Stadium Premier Speedway, where local racing star Jamie Veal known for his exceptional skills and unyielding determination emerged victorious, bagging a hefty $10,000 prize. The same eventful night also saw Jock Goodyer being crowned as the consecutive champion of the Clay-Per-View Sprintcar Speedweek series.    

From the moment the race commenced, it was clear from the start that Veal was in it to win it. He maneuvered his vehicle with expert precision, leaving his competitors trailing behind. The crowd roared in approval as Veal crossed the finish line, claiming a well-deserved victory. The triumph was not just a testament to Veal’s racing prowess, but it also came with a hefty $10,000 prize, adding to the sweetness of the victory.

But Veal wasn’t the only one who had reason to celebrate that night. Jock Goodyer, another formidable racer, managed to secure his position as the consecutive champion of the Clay-Per-View Sprintcar Speedweek series. Goodyer’s consistent performance throughout the series had earned him this prestigious title, marking him as one of the top racers in the circuit.

The eventful night at the Sungold Stadium Premier Speedway was a fitting start to the new year, setting the stage for more thrilling races and memorable victories in the days to come. The cheers of the crowd, the roar of the engines, and the triumphant smiles of Jamie Veal and Jock Goodyer are sure to be etched in the memories of the spectators for a long time. Indeed, it was a night of celebration, a night where champions were made, and a night that truly kicked off the new year with a bang.

The evening, sponsored by Fresha, was filled with thrilling heat races. One of the highlights was an electrifying three-way face-off between Veal, McFadden, and Peck. This set the tone for an exhilarating night of racing that lay ahead.

The grand finale of the Sprintcar Clay-Per-View Speedweek was a spectacle to behold, featuring competitive heats and star-studded dashes. The event lived up to its hype, delivering 35 laps of high-octane action.

Lachlan McHugh of SRV Road Freight initially dominated the race but suffered a setback with just 7 laps remaining when his right rear tire gave out. This marked a disappointing end for a team that had spent the evening making meticulous minor adjustments to their vehicle.

James McFadden, starting from the 11th position, skillfully maneuvered his way to a podium finish, securing third place in the Hodges Motorsports D5 car. This performance was particularly significant as it provided valuable data for the Toyota motor program in Australia, courtesy of TRD.

Jock Goodyer put up a persistent fight for the lead, making multiple restart attempts and ultimately securing the second spot. He clinched back-to-back wins in the Clay-Per-View Sprintcar Speedweek series with a second-place finish in the Daniel’s Trucking Australia #1 car.

Jamie Veal, driving the SWI Earthworks entry, took control with just 7 laps remaining, securing his second feature win at his home track this season. The victory was hard-won, with Goodyer briefly taking the lead 6 laps from the finish, resulting in a thrilling showdown on a track that offered multiple racing lanes.

In addition to the $10,000 prize, Veal also extended his lead in the Warrnambool Total Tools Track championship, which offers a $10,000 prize for the winner.

The FRESHA Feature Results for the Sprintcars were as follows:

1st: V35 Jamie Veal

2nd: A1 Jock Goodyer

3rd: D5 James McFadden

4th: V6 Cameron Waters

5th: V37 Grant Anderson

In a late addition to the program, Premier Speedway welcomed Wingless Sprints, expressing gratitude for their support and apologizing to the Street Stocks for their postponement.

Tyler O’Leary dominated the 20-lap feature in the Wingless Sprints category, with Nick Ryan making a late surge to secure second place, and Thomas McDonald finishing a commendable third place.

The FRESHA Feature Results for the Wingless Sprints were as follows:

1st: V65 Tyler O’Leary

2nd: V7 Nicholas Ryan

3rd: VX20 Thomas McDonald

4th: A1 Todd Hobson

5th: VX32 Chris Ansell

Premier Speedway expressed its gratitude to its presenting partner, FRESHA.

The excitement is set to continue as the Mainline Dynolog Dynamometers All-Star Sprintcar Series returns to Warrnambool for Round 3 of the 2023/24 series after a decade-long hiatus. The event will also feature Formula 500’s joining the 360 Sprintcars on the program, contesting the Preston Rowe Patterson Speedweek series.

Whether you’re a casual viewer who enjoys the thrill of the race or a hardcore fan, stay up to date with all the latest motorsport news and Australian sprintcar racing results.

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