What is the most stylish shower choice?

When looking for a new shower unit or when upgrading your bathroom, what is the most stylish color or design to get, and will this fit into your budget? When looking at changing your shower, there are several things to look at. What color would you like? What is your budget? What else do you want to replace in your bathroom?




The first step when you decide to change your bathroom or upgrade your shower unit is to work out your budget. Whether you have a large budget or a small one you will find something for you. I will give some price point ideas within this article to assist you when you are considering your new stylish unit. 


Whether you want to divide your budget up to cover everything you need to change or everything you want to upgrade in your bathroom you will be able to make a stylish new bathroom by visiting online retailers. 


Black is the new Chrome


When we think about a stylish bathroom or shower years ago, we would think of silver and chrome colors. Times have changed, and now I wonder, is black the new chrome?


Many modern bathrooms are fitted in darker colors and tiles and are easy to clean, whether you want to go with a more traditional chrome or a stainless steel color. Black-style showers are the new stylish choice for people restyling their bathroom. Having the contrast of black and white for other bathroom necessities, such as your basin and toilet. 


What black showers are there?


Whether you have an electric shower or you want a digital shower valve or a mixer shower, there are options available for you. Victoria Plum black showers are the biggest range available on the market. Giving you the best chance to find a shower to fit your bathroom and in your newest favorite color and style.


Not only does Victoria Plum sell full black showers, but they also sell all of the components you would need to change your boring white shower into a sleek new black shower. Giving you the most cost-effective way to change your bathroom around and add in some new colors and giving your bathroom a new modern look. From only £16.99 for your shower hose and £18.99 for a shower head, you can slowly modernize your bathroom without breaking the bank.


However, if you want to fit a new bathroom, getting yourself a new black shower unit will set you back anywhere from £73.00 to £755, depending on the style you want and the budget you have available. 


Other options are available


Now you have chosen to upgrade your bathroom to a more modern look, why not look at Bath Co Showers? Not only do they do an amazing range of showers, with some fantastic modern designs. Not all are in the most modern and stylish color, black. But they have some amazing choices for those who do not want to dive into a black bathroom. 


The Bath Co. works with Victoria Plum and can be found on their website. Giving you an amazing range of shower options to look at.


What else do I need?


When upgrading your bathroom, whether you go with the new chrome and are going black, you can find everything you need at Victoria Plum with the help of the Bath Co. Selling side units in a beautiful matt black to match your new shower unit. Or do you want a frosted glass shower door to fit over your bath, with a stylish black trim to stay in keeping with your new black bathroom?


Whether you are wanting to look into new tiles for the walls or new flooring options to make sure your stylish new bathroom is more water resistant, just in case you have some water splashing from your powerful new shower. If you want to look into some units or a build-in basin unit with storage, there are many options available to you.

To get a built-in basin unit, you are looking at a range from £379 to £1049, depending on your budget and the style you want. Each of these basin units comes with some storage space, and some within this price range will cover a mirror as well as the unit. 

These units are with the Bath Co. and they come in various wood styles, as stand-alone units, and in different colors and finishes. So it is possible to get yourself a stand-alone basin unit with a stylish matt black finish. 

If you want to stick with a new stylish black design, you can also get toilets to match, or if you want to keep your current toilet, you can get a different toilet seat to tie it to your new black design. Replacing the toilet seat would be a more cost-effective way to change your toilet and tie it into your new design. However, if you want a new unit, why not look at the different options on the Victoria Plum website?


What about packages?

Depending on your budget, it is possible to look on the Victoria Plum website, where you can find packages, giving you an idea of the price for certain items you may need to give your bathroom a new look. 

When looking at the option of buying a bathroom package from an online retailer, you will also find some in white and black or mostly black. It is also possible if you like the chrome look you can get that too. 



In summary, it is possible to upgrade your bathroom without spending a lot of money and being able to stick within your budget. There are many options available when looking for a new black shower unit, finding a stylish and functional shower to fit with a new modern color scheme. 

One thing I am sure about is regardless of what style or color you choose, visiting Victoria Plum will give you a fantastic insight into the price of different styles and items, and you can build your perfect bathroom for a fantastic price point.


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