What is the scope of Kanban training?

Kanban is a method that allows the team or the organisation to visualise and manage the work as well as the workflow to determine and fix the potential problems restricting the workflow. The fixing of bottlenecks or issues helps to ensure the cost-effectiveness of work and its optimal speed. Kanban training in India, led by certified and experienced trainers, introduces individuals to the Kanban concept, its principles and practices and ways to implement them to manage complex projects by improving the flow of work and quality of work effectively.

The following are the benefits of Kanban training from a reputed and experienced institute-

  1. The Kanban training equips the individuals with the knowledge to comprehend Kanban systems to visualise, manage, and improve the flow of work through processes, reduce waste and optimise the processing time. The individuals with this knowledge display leadership skills and a deep understanding of ways to improve the team performance, which makes them valuable and credible assets for the organisation and well respected by the team members.
  2. The individuals upon successful course completion and submission of assignments are awarded Kanban management professional (KMP) certification that is valid for a lifetime. 
  3. In India, professionals wish to continuously improve and upgrade their skills to succeed and secure better job opportunities in the highly competitive market. The certification is a distinguished accomplishment and skill that can be added to one’s CV. With this skill, professionals can demand higher salaries for being competent than their peers who don’t have any certification. 
  4. The certification is well recognised and in great demand in the industry. The individuals get an opportunity to work as QA analysts, agile scrum masters, and data modellers etc. in some top IT companies in India with attractive salary packages.

The following are the most valuable Kanban certifications that make the certified individuals more desirable to the many companies-

  1. AKT certification (Accreditation as a Kanban Trainer) – The individuals with AKT certification are well trained and are officially authorised to work as instructors for Kanban training companies to educate the students enrolled in Kanban training courses. They may also provide individual training lessons to some clients.
  2. TKP certification (Team Kanban Practitioner) – There are no prerequisites for pursuing TKP certification. Individuals who are part of a team or are team managers, who wish to learn the fundamental concepts of Kanban, are eligible to enrol in the certification course.
  3. KMP certification (Kanban Management Professional) – Certification for becoming a Kanban management professional is one of the most desirable and distinguished certifications in the industry. The professionals play an important role in efficiently managing workflow and risks and boosting customer happiness.
  4. KCP certification (Professional Kanban coach) – The individuals with KCP certification are the most qualified ones that lead the company to adopt Kanban methodologies. The certification is awarded after assessing Kanban trainers, teachers, consultants etc. who are already involved in providing formal Kanban training with the right knowledge and experience.

Kanban training under recognised and expert Kanban professionals aims to impart practical knowledge through live sessions, case studies, interactive games etc. for managing the different Kanban boards and implementing the best one for the complicated project in the real world. Before joining anby course you need to learn yourself first.  You need to set your career planing according to your inmterest. Taking stock of your abilities and evaluating your interests and values are wonderful places to start. Your knowledge and abilities are crucial so you can determine whether they align with what you want to do.

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