What makes live selling worth it

As an e-commerce business owner, you know well how difficult it is to achieve a high conversion rate based on traditional e-commerce marketing. Why not try something new that may guarantee a five times bigger conversion rate? Pretty soon, even 20% of e-commerce sales will come from live shopping sessions. What makes live selling worthwhile? Let’s find out.

How to define live selling?

Before we start analyzing the pros of live selling, it’s necessary to define it. Recently, lots of sales deals are based on the practice of live video streaming. The host presents products in a live video, giving potential customers a chance of buying items without the need of leaving their homes. 

The strategy differs from simple online shopping, as the customers have contact with the host, being able to ask questions about the products being presented. Effective hosts transform the live selling sessions into a real performance, a show that gives the customers a chance of relaxing too. What are the key three benefits of live selling sessions? 

Present the product benefits 

Live selling has the first and foremost advantage of allowing customers to experience shopping in a traditional stationery store while sitting comfortably in their armchairs. A live session will provide customers with an authentic and dynamic presentation of the products they are interested in, as well as responses to any questions they may have. This differs from shopping online, where customers cannot ask questions about the items in real time.

If you are worried to be too busy simultaneously presenting the product and answering all questions, see live streaming shopping app. Your community will be hate-free, and all customer questions will be answered by the AI assistant in addition to real-time video software.

Create engaged community 

Thanks to live selling experiences, your community of customers will be engaged, and activated. Customers are reported to spend three times more time on live video, which means they may buy more from you. That’s an effective way of increasing the conversion rate. 

Customers spending more time with your brand, start to understand and trust it. Show yourself as an expert, who loves your job and does it with passion and joy. 

Interaction and feedback in real-time

As Salesforce reports, even 80 % of customers are willing to ask at least one question before they make a purchase. What happens when they can’t get the answer? They will simply refrain from buying the product. 

With live selling sessions, they don’t need t worry to buy a product which will not meet their expectations. There is nothing more valuable than a chance of comfortable online shopping which is interactive and happens in real-time. They don’t need to make the effort of searching for the products, as they are presented to them. 

The live streaming shopping app provides you as the seller with the statistics, helping you to  modify the live selling sessions to increase the sales.

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