What to do if you end up hating the place you visited

Why do you go for a vacation? To have a change of routine, to freshen up your mind, to explore new places also, and to give yourself a break. Have you ever wonder what would you do if you end up hating the place that you visited? Rather than having a vacation you will give your body more stress and will end up ruining your vacation. Having tensions about what to do next getting irritated by the surroundings or when you cannot adapt the climatic conditions of the place. For avoiding this all you need to do is research, a good amount of research would help you save yourself from a bad trip. Since most of the people go for vacation twice or thrice a year, rather than spoiling it where you have spent your savings do all the groundwork before leaving. You can read views of people about the place, check out images of the tourist attraction points have a look at their culture, the climatic conditions, and the food items available there. Here are some points on what to do if you end up hating the place you visited:

1. Hire a travel guide:

Since you are new and unaware of that place and once you hate something about a place, it’s a human mind that little things will make you worry and it would seem like all your trip is ruined and you have wasted your money. At this time, search out the best travel guide and hire him, talk to him and tell him how and what you feel, being a person who knows each and every tiny place and dealing with different kind of travelers on a daily basis he would come like a life savior for you and can turn your worst trip to the best one. All he will cost you is a bit, which I think is better than spending thousands for a place which you don’t like.

2. Search out 

Rather than imprecating yourself be positive and with a positive mood go out and search for some good places. For example, if you like flowers lookout for a park or nursery and go and spend some time looking at the flowers, clicking their pictures. Discover new places according to your interest and try to enjoy the new surroundings. Try different types of food. Watch out for the games you like, find clubs near you. Look for some beaches where you can spend my time or do all the water sports like beach volleyball, beach basketball, kneeboards, kayaking, scuba diving, windsurfing, rafting or jet skiing.

3. Stop expecting too much 

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What happens is by watching all the edited pictures of the place you visited you start expecting too much from your trip. And when the place is not as beautiful as you expected you end up making yourself sad and this way rather than enjoying you are depressed. So, stop expecting too much and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. Try meeting and communicating with new people in order to freshen up the mind and doing something you like rather than hating the place you are traveling to.

4. Stay inside and enjoy 

If you have ended up looking up for places for traveling and didn’t find a good one for you. Leave it and enjoy yourself. You can pamper your body by booking a Spa near you or spending a day in the luxurious villa you booked. Go swimming, take a sunbath. Give yourself rest and peace rather than stress. If you had a dream of roaming on the road in the night, go and do it. Play music and dance. Do all these things if you hate the place and you don’t want to take even a step out of your hotel. If you like shopping go for shopping, you will feel good. In this way, you can relax your body and give yourself a break.

5. Spend time with your family 

If you are traveling with your family, there are multiple options to turn the worst trip to the average one. Spend quality time with your family. Go for fishing or look out a place for a picnic, then enjoying a lunch date with your wife. Take your kids to a pool for swimming, they will be happy and you will feel better. Make family your first priority ignore the surroundings have fun with your kids

6. Write a review

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Write an honest review of the place, discussing all the problems you faced during your trip. Also, give a detailed explanation about how you tackled the problem and didn’t let your trip give you a lot of stress rather than removing it. Help out other people so that they do not have to face the same problem as you did. Explain every detail, like these places, are best for people who are extrovert or likes drinking in public, give a warning to the people who might spoil their trip if they travel to this place, they might hate the place unlike you and end up tarnishing their vacation.


After facing a bad trip, you should take all the credit rather than blaming others. And from the next time do a good amount of research about each and every detail of your destination. Keep in mind the purpose of your trip and in any manner make the trip successful. To some extent try not to hate the place start exploring things that you like, pay more attention to those things you like. If you are traveling with your family to spend more time with your family. What this trip will do to your personality? It will train you for further more disasters that may happen in your life, what you need to learn from this trip is how to cope up with situations and how to manage them. How to be happy and find love in a thing which you hated at first.

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