When medical oncology is necessary to treat cancer?

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There are different types of diseases that are affecting men, women, and children of all ages across the globe and new ones are being detected every now and then. One disease that is very rightly considered to be a dangerous one is cancer, which still does not have a complete cure. If symptoms of cancer are noticed, then it becomes important for patients to visit the top cancer hospital in India get diagnosed as early as possible, so that it is detected during the early stage itself. If it spreads throughout the body, then it will not be possible to save the person even with modern, advanced medical technology. 

About Oncology

That branch of medicine known to deal with cancer management is termed oncology. Doctors who treat cancer patients are referred to as Oncologists. There are presently three main components that are to be kept in mind for increasing chances of patient survival, namely:

  • Diagnosis: It is performed by screening cancers using staging and conducting different types of tests. 
  • Prevention: It helps to identify the different risk factors such as alcohol and tobacco and reduce their intake. 
  • Treatment: It is provided by the experts to the patients, depending upon the extent and impact of cancer faced and the areas to which it has spread. 

Cause of cancer

No exact reason can be found as to why and how this disease is contracted, thus making it all the more potent. However, several risk factors do exist, which are to be eliminated, so as to reduce the chances of the disease striking the person. Few common risk factors noticed are:

  • Risk is increased due to wrong lifestyle choices like alcohol and cigarette smoking. 
  • Tobacco is regarded to be the major cause of cancer deaths, with over 20% deaths all over the globe occurring due to tobacco intake. 
  • The environment is full of different types of cancer-causing substances, present in both water and air. Avoiding them is really difficult. Some examples include cadmium, benzene, asbestos, arsenic, etc. 
  • Old aged people are more prone to contract cancer. The reason is that cancer takes several years to develop and does not occur overnight. They can exist in the body for a long time and get diagnosed only at a later stage after developing fully. 
  • Obesity: Excess fat in the body causes cancer in the colon, breast, endometrium, rectum, pancreas, kidney, esophagus and other parts of the body. 

Types of treatment available to cure cancer

There are fortunately available different types of treatment for curing this disease like medical oncology, surgery and radiation therapy. Medical oncology here means treatment carried out using targeted therapy, immunotherapy or chemotherapy. 

  • Chemotherapy: Drugs are used to destroy the affected cells. Combination or a single type of drug is provided to the patient to ensure that the cancer cells stop growing, dividing further and become new cells. They are powerful drugs and do have the potentiality to destroy nearby normal cells. This method can be used in various ways and to shrink tumor size prior to performing surgery. It is termed as neoadjuvant chemotherapy and used to treat diseases like lymphoma and leukemia. Drugs are administered keeping in mind the type of cancer that has affected the patient and on the exact location where it is spread. 
  • Targeted therapy: Although different from chemotherapy, drugs are provided. Here, specific proteins and genes are targeted to prevent growth and further spread of cancer. Chemotherapy is often adopted with it along with other options. The prescribed drugs are capable to block the signals that provide information to the tumor cells to grow & divide. Two different types are used in this procedure. Drugs blog specific target in cancer spread area in Monoclonal antibodies. The other process, small molecule drugs are given to help further multiplication of cancer cells and to block its spread. It is used for treating lung, colorectal and breast cancer. 
  • Immunotherapy: The natural immune system f the body is boosted for combating cancer. Substances used are prepared in the lab setting and can help to prevent further growth of the affected cells. There are used genetically modified viruses in Oncolytic virus therapy to destroy cancer cells. 

The Best Oncology Hospital in India is sure to offer cancer patients with the much-needed respite with proper, thorough and timely treatment.

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