Where to Buy Curtains in NYC: Finding the Perfect Window Treatments

Curtains are much more than just a piece of cloth for blocking light. It is one of the most essential decor items in your home. Hung on the interior wall across a window, curtains can change the space’s dramatic look and overall appearance. When it comes to color, patterns, texture, and fabric – curtains can be the most diverse things ever. In global metropolitan cities like New York City, curtains are crucial daily. It provides temperature stability, blocks noise pollution, and, most importantly, keeps the sun’s glare away from the room. Wondering where to buy curtains in NYC? Here are a few ideal destinations to explore: 

The Shade Company 

Rated as one of the best options for curtains in New York City, it is the favorite for interior designer mongers. Established just a few years back in 2006, the place is well known for its custom-made curtains. They curate the best curtains for your space, and clients love their work because they also install the curtains that they manufacture—premium quality of fabrics and essentially beautiful designs – perfect curtains for your space. The best part about the company is that- they offer professional consultancy services through a team of expert interior designers who can decide which is the best curtain for your space. 

Manhattan Window Fashion 

With services as elegant and posh as the brand’s name, this self-operated company can ideally be your next junction for shopping curtains. Precise measurements and an assortment of the best designer fabrics to choose from – it has all it takes to customize the best curtains for your space. Clients can choose completely customizable curtain types according to their preferences and needs. Some of their best collections include Grommet drapery, pinch pleat, Aluminette Austria, and so on. ikat fabric 

New York Window Design 

If you love vintage shades, curtains, and blinds and in the age of modern minimalism, you still want something from the past to adorn your space – this is where you need to halt. The in-home consultations for curtain curation are one of their best services. The brand believes in reliving and reviving the best and most celebrated vintage fashion curtains of New York City. They also provide services for aluminum blinds, roller blinds, and wooden shades. Mostly expertising in chic and soft hues, New York Window Design curtains are ideal for glamouring your space. 


This brand possesses the most comprehensive assortment and collection of curtains and has a perfect curtain for almost every occasion. They are specialists in solar shades, a relatively new concept in the curtains world. They are also celebrated for their unique custom drapery and cellular shades. Do not presume that they have only a modern-age curtain collection. Shades also boast an extraordinary vintage and old-school collection facet of

Grommet and Pinch pleat drapery. The process varies according to the collection, and you can always go for customization. 

The Shade Store 

One of the biggest lines of curtain sellers in New York. They have stores at over 85 prime locations in New York City. Their unique selling point is eco-friendly production. They have introduced eco-friendly, naturally sustainable alternative collection lines, which are celebrated (sometimes even a bit more than traditional curtains). Selling a wide range of draperies, shade blinds, and curtains, their products are featured in the best homes in New York City. The shade store is a great place if you are considering where to buy curtains in NYC at affordable prices. 

Final Thoughts 

Worried about where to buy curtains in NYC? New York is a hub of fashion. Be it the fashion for the streets or the style for your homes. While the traditional printed gourmet draperies were once celebrated in New York, it is now time for new pedestals to set it. New versions of curtains, such as cellular shades or roller shades, and even solar shades, are based more on functionality. The curtain manufacturers are also looking for sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional ones. Also, contemporary designs are ruling the market – more neutral shades that offer minimalist simple, yet glamorous vibes are in the fashion for home decor.

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