Who needs damaged hair mask?

There is an opinion that for weakened and damaged hair there is only one treatment scissors. But this is a long time in the past, professionals have long found mask-making technologies that will help with any situation. Choosing the right care is a very important step towards recovery. The damaged hair mask is applied to washed strands, which must first be dried with a towel. The mask can be used both in the interval between shampoo and conditioner, and as an independent care product (instead of conditioner). 

The mask for damaged hair can be used two to three times a week. Too frequent use of the product does not provide strands with health and a quick transformation. Cosmetic masks, which can be purchased in stores, are advised to be kept on the hair for up to 20 minutes, although there are express masks that are already in effect in one or two minutes. It is best to follow the instructions on the package. 

What Is the Effect After Applying Hair Mask? 

Masks are the heaviest caliber in the fight against damaged hair. This product differs from conditioners and balms in the concentration of nutrients and ingredients. Hair masks have different specific functions, which will depend on your hair type and the result you want to get from using them. Already today you can take care of your hairstyle and enjoy strong hair.

In general, the use of masks allows you to moisturize your hair, restore the hair fiber and even repair damaged hair. However, this may also include other benefits, depending on the goals you want to achieve:

  • it works not only for care, but also for healing hair;
  • has a more effective effect on hair renewal than conditioner or other hair cosmetics, such as oils;
  • you do not need to apply it every day or every time you wash your hair, but it is enough to do it 1-2 times a week.

The choice of mask allows you to care for damaged hair. With the help of a mask, you can constantly care for your hair without damaging them. The mask deeply regenerates the hair and thus renews the very damaged structure; because it acts in a complex way, and with regular use it allows you to restore their health. 

If you often use a hairdryer, irons, dye your hair   in a word, you constantly injure them, but at the same time, apart from shampoo and balm, you do not resort to additional care, a restorative hair mask is designed just for you. Due to keratin and useful components that the mask is saturated with, the damaged areas of each hair are completed and, as far as possible, restored from the inside.

Remember that different masks are aimed at specific problems. For example, there are masks for hair restoration, growth and shine, as well as toning, masks for colored hair and hair masks against hair loss. There is a category of products that works specifically with the scalp. (Amicusmongolia) Such masks are called trichological, because they solve the problems of the epidermis.

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