Why Blog Content Should be a Part of an Accountant’s SEO Strategy

If you are an accountant and have a website, answer this question; how active is your blog? The chances are that you probably created blog content at the beginning. It was fun to create a few posts and to write about topics you know. But, this novelty soon wears off and most accountants give up. It is time-consuming to write, and you might have thought there was not much point to it. But this could not be further from the truth.

Creating blog content is very important when it comes to search engine optimisation. With an active and quality blog, you can boost your Google rankings. Let’s take a closer look at why blog content is a necessary element of your SEO strategy as an accountant.

Increase Your Online Visibility

Most clients will start their journey by looking for an accountant online. In other words, they are going to use Google to find a company to hire if they are self-employed or have a business of their own. But, one thing they are not going to do is scroll past the first page of Google search results. This is something that hardly anybody does anymore. If your website is not on the first page right now, you need to change this, or you could be missing out on clients.

Having an active blog can be a way to improve your visibility on the internet. For example, you can write about popular search queries, which will allow clients to find you. You are also going to boost your Google ranking by using keywords and showing that you are a relevant website. But, this is not to say that creating blog content is easy. For accountants who are serious about growth and want to improve their SEO strategy, check out the link ClickSlice offers SEO services, especially for accountants.

Build Trust with Clients

Hiring an accountant is a big deal. People are letting someone else see their finances and they need to make sure that they can trust this individual. So, they are not just going to hire the first person they see on the internet. Instead, clients will look around and see how reliable an accountant is. They want to know you have training, experience and knowledge.

Through your blog, these are attributes you can demonstrate. You can write about useful topics, as well as stories about your company. These can be read by potential customers and convince them to contact you. When you create engaging and insightful content, this is going to make a good impression on clients. Thus, this is your opportunity to show you are dependable and trustworthy since you can show off your authority. You demonstrate that you know a lot about accountancy, and this is the type of knowledge a client will enjoy when they hire you.

Engage on Social Media

We all know how popular social media is. It is a place where you can connect with friends and family, as well as share what you are doing. But, in recent years, social media has become much more than this. In fact, it has become a place where you shop as well as find services you want to use. Indeed, people will look to hire an accountant through what they see on social media.

When you have a blog, this is going to be easy to connect with your social media accounts. You can link your social media to your website, sharing snippets of your content. This is an opportunity to drive traffic over to your site, as well as engage with potential customers in the comments. Clients will see some of the content you are creating and they will want to learn more. So, they can find you on social media and this can convert them over to your website where they can view more.

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