Why Do Indian Brides Wear a Mangalsutra?

Why Do Indian Brides Wear a Mangalsutra

The Indian wedding ceremony where the groom takes the swearword and ties the knots around the neck of the would-be bride in the presence of a holy priest reciting the Vedic hymns is called “Mangalya Dharanam”, which means “wearing the propitious”. Wearing a Mangalsutra provides a woman the status of a married woman known as a wife. She is expected to wear this Mangalsutra entire life or until her spouse is alive.

After the wedding day, on a propitious day, Mangalsutra is worn as a necklace by the bride crafted of black and gold beads strung collectively on gold chains or simple ornaments thread. As a rule, it’s the family of the groom, as per their traditions and customs choose the design and pattern of the Mangalsutra. It can be a solo or two chains that end in a beautiful pendant of diamond or gold. The whole thing depends on the financial status of the family of the groom.

Why Do Indian Brides Wear a Mangalsutra

What do the Mangalsutra Signify?

Mangalsutra is not a piece of fancy ornaments. It has great significance and value in the life of an Indian married Hindu lady. It represents trust, love and nuptial bliss of a married couple.

Most of the conventional Mangalsutra have two cups which is unfilled on one side and ascended on the other. The unfilled sides face the body of the wearer. It is a belief that Goddess Shakti (the Better half of God Shiva) resides there and for that reason, the divine power gets added there.

Followers of Hindu believe that Mangalsutra represents Goddess Shakti and God Shiva. Black beads are the 3rd eye of God Shiv and are believed to shoo away the wicked eyes and on the other hands, the gold element in the Mangalsutra symbolizes Shakti which makes the women stronger.

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What do the Mangalsutra Signify

A Mangalsutra has the power that awakens the inner consciousness of the women and is a steady reminder of her married life and her husband. It is also believed that Mangalsutra is the Fire Element that offers a woman the energy of knowledge, desire, and accomplishment.

Mangalsutra regularly reminds a lady of her duties towards her spouse and his family members in her marital life. According to the main beliefs of Hindu Religion, Mangalsutra is the code of morality for married women.

Do Modern Married Women Wear Mangalsutra?

The women of today’s era are no longer housewives or stay-at-home women, especially those living in cities or urban areas in the nuclear family. They go out of the home in order to perform their task or completing their job and are unwilling to wear Mangalsutra with their stylish and expensive business dresses and suits. They are not ready or prepared within minds to wear a weighty and elaborate gold and diamond Mangalsutra.

Do Modern Married Women Wear Mangalsutra

With the changing phase of times, the designs of Mangalsutra have also altered perceptibly. The modern trend is to wear small, sleek and single thread chain ending in a short designer gold and diamond pendant. On the other hand, the notion of black beads to ward off sin eyes is still whole. It also signifies the holiness of the establishment of marriage.

Where can you get fashionable and designer Mangalsutra?

In the present day, it is available in lots of the reputed online and offline stores. There are many astonishing designs to select from and there are Mangalsutra sets which would have an identical pair of earrings too. Trendy Mangalsutra will make every married complete and energized to follow the rituals of married life. In addition, women usually love diamonds, and a diamond Mangalsutra is a wonderful combination of style and tradition. It goes perfect with almost all types of westernor ethnicdresses.

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