Why Localization for Asian Markets is Difficult?

Asian Markets

Localization for Asian markets is comparatively tough than in other markets. One reason is that the consumer behavior of the people living in Asia is different from the West. Localization is one step ahead of translation. It is the translation of the content while keeping regional and cultural nuances in view. This is why many companies that want to tap into Asian markets have to change their slogans to entice prospective customers.

If the head office of your company is operating in the UK and you want to expand your business in Malaysia then you have to take the assistance of Malay translation services. It will help you in reaching Malaysian consumers without any cultural and regional barriers. Before going for localization services, you have to do extensive research to understand the market dynamics. 

Translation and Localization of Company Slogans

Company slogans are captivating. They differentiate your business from others. Translation of a company slogan is not an easy task. Any error in slogan translation can ruin a business’s reputation. People like KFC for its crispy chicken and crispy fries. Its slogan is finger-licking good. 

When KFC start its business in China in the 1980s. They translated the slogan eat your fingers off. This translation made the people scared and KFC face a great loss. To avoid such mistakes in China, you must take assistance from Chinese traditional translation services.  

Challenges to Overcome in Localization of Slogans 

The slogan is the best tool for marketing. Localization of companies slogan creates a good relationship between the company and the target market. This makes your message resonate with the target market. It is a must for Asian markets because they are very diverse. Thus to avoid any mistakes you should follow these things. 

Word to word Translation is not Suitable

If you are working in a global organization then your content team must have worked hard in developing the slogan. It must contain catchy words to captivate the target market and persuade people to use the products and services of your company. Therefore, you cannot take any risk of localization of the slogan word to word. One thing that you should keep in mind is that content that is suitable for the West is not suitable for Asian markets.

While localizing the slogan, the translator or translation company should localize the slogan into catchy words in another language without losing the intent of the original. Therefore, first, they need to do thorough research to know the consumer behavior of the local market and then translate the slogan. If you are Localizing a slogan for the Malaysian market then Malay translation services can be of great help. 

Localization of the Graphics 

With the slogan, there is a logo of every company.  The logo is designed with different colors. People associate that colors with your brand. Localization of the graphics is equally important as a slogan. For example, the green color is associated with vigor, good luck, freshness, and vigor in Japan, and in the West, it denotes greed, Jealousy, and inexperience.

If the colors in the graphics are used according to the culture then consumers can fire back. If you are launching your brand in Japan then you must take the assistance of Japanese translation services to know the association of the color in the target market. 

Hire a Native Translator 

You must hire a native translator for the localization process. This is because a native translator is born and brought up in the same environment. Thus they know the in and out of the markets. Moreover, they can understand the consumer behavior of the native market. If you have hired a professional translation agency then they will assign a native and experienced translator to your localization project. If you want localization services for the Chinese market then a native Chinese translator can produce impeccable chinese translation services

Transcreation is a Better Option 

To take care of the slogan you have to go a step ahead of localization. It is best to adopt transcreation for the slogan.  Transcreation is the amalgamation of two words translation and creation. They will transcreate the slogan with captivating words without interrupting its original message. It will transcreate a slogan that resonates with the local market.  Transcreation can make the slogan acceptable in the local market without any cultural and regional nuances.

Localization in the Japanese Market 

Mcdonald’s when tap into the Japanese market, its market was matured in the USA. Therefore they spend time understanding the Japanese market. They conducted the research and concluded that the average consumption of beef in Japan is 6 gm per day. Therefore, Mcdonald,s start selling burgers having 45 grams of beef to children. 

Usually, the bosses take their corporate teams for lunch and dinner to different restaurants. Mcdonald’s gives concession on their deals if corporate teams visit them.

This localization strategy worked great for McDonald’s and they are earning well from the Japanese market. If you want to launch any product and services in Japan then professional Japanese translation services can be of great help. You can understand consumer behavior and mold your services according to them. 

Wrapping Up 

In short, for adopting localization and avoiding any challenges, you must spend your time and energy studying consumer behavior. It will help you to design your products and services, slogan, and logo according to regional and cultural nuances. 






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