Why our sexual desire is aroused by heat

Every time spring arrives, we notice that our sexual desire begins to awaken with the heat and we always ask ourselves the same question: Why does our sexual desire awaken with the heat? If you are still not sure, we are here to help you. We are going to show you the reasons why sexual desire increases at that time of the year.

What is clear is that it does happen, regardless of age. We start to notice these symptoms in adolescence and they stay with us for most of our lives. What’s more, analysing birth data, we realise that babies tend to be born much more often nine months after the arrival of the heat. For this reason, there are many births from February to May. This is because couples see their sexual desire increase during the spring and summer.

Hormones go into overdrive during the summer months

After many studies, it has been confirmed that heat does indeed have a direct influence on hormones. This increase in hormones leads to an increase in people’s sexual activity, which increases considerably in temperate and cold countries. This is due to the fact that temperature changes are greater than in warmer countries. Moreover, it has been found that, in tropical countries, it is most common for sexual relations to decrease in summer. This decrease is linked to an excess of heat. This heat causes a feeling of tiredness and consequently the desire to have sex is lower.

It can be said that libido is linked to the erotic attitude. This means that, although many people think that wearing fewer clothes is what causes greater arousal, it is the increase in hormones that actually causes the increase in sexual desire. We have found that when the number of daylight hours increases, the body radically changes some aspects of metabolism. Therefore, experts have found that the higher the libido, the greater the sexual appetite and consequently the more likely it is that couples will want to have sex.

Behaviour also plays a role

Behaviour also increases sexual desire. For example, the experts at Tantra Palace, one of the best erotic massage centres in Madrid, tell us that, although they have clients all year round, it is more common for them to come especially in the spring and summer months. Not only because hormones begin to revolt, but also because we change our clothes and habits and that makes sexual desire increase in a direct way. Although a good erotic massage is appreciated at any time of the year.

During the spring and summer months we also tend to change our clothes. This proves once again that we are very much linked to the weather, more so than we think. By changing our clothes, what we do is to wear more attractive clothes that show more of our body parts. Changing our clothes allows us to show our sexiest side, a plus for increasing sexual desire.

But clothing is not the only thing that changes in us, we also go out more, we do more social activities… Everything is linked to sharing more things and, as they say, touching makes love and often ends up in something more intimate on many occasions.

In short, we can say that during the warmer seasons we become more inclined ethologically and physiologically. All this together causes a direct increase in libido, which translates into more amorous encounters. These encounters can be with the same partner, with different partners or simply giving ourselves a treat with a nice erotic massage in a professional centre such as Tantrapalace.

However, experts have stressed in various studies that this is not the case when temperatures are extreme. If it is too hot, libido suffers. Excessive heat causes the body to feel overwhelmed and tired, which means that there is no interest in having sex. Excessive heat is all about cooling down in order to be more comfortable and not exercising, which increases the body temperature even more.

Pheromones are also very important

All studies have shown that pheromones are more important than it might seem at first glance. It is true that the vomeronasal organ is atrophied, but it has been proven that pheromones also influence us. It is true that to a lesser extent than in other animal species, but they are also present.

Pheromones in humans are being studied. Until recently it was thought that they have no influence, but recent studies are showing that they have more influence than we think. It is being shown that, although we lack an accessory olfactory bulb, we may notice pheromones in a mild way. And as you can imagine, when we notice them in a light way, that information could indicate to us that the other person is sending out light signals that they might be in a sexually active moment.

At the moment, it has been established that we are the primates with the most sebaceous glands. If we add to that the fact that we don’t have hair, it could be a clear sign that we could also follow the instincts of pheromones, although at the moment this has not been 100% proven. These are just theories that are being investigated.

According to experts, these pheromones could be released into the air more easily in summer because we wear clothes that cover us much less. This, together with the increase in hormones caused by the hours of sunshine and the warmer temperatures, could be to blame for the increase in sexual desire when the temperatures are more pleasant. 

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