Why penis enlargement surgery ?

There is little doubt that more and more men are choosing to have penis enlargement surgery to increase the length and girth of their penis. Men are opting for this surgery for mainly one of two reasons

  1. They know that their penis is smaller than the average and it affects their personal relationships
  2. Their penis is actually of normal size, but they just want it bigger

For those whose penis is smaller than the average this can have a devastating effect on self-confidence. The NHS do not offer penis enlargement surgery. In cases of micro penis it may be considered, but with the state of the NHS at the moment these cases are very much at the end of the line. It is well known that more men are having cosmetic surgery than ever before. Penis enlargement surgery is perhaps another example of that fact. The three most popular enhancement options now for men are hair transplants, dental veneers and penis enlargement. Indeed, we see many men at Moorgate Andrology who have already had a hair transplant and a glowing smile added, with penis enlargement surgery being the last step of the body enhancement.


How is penis enlargement surgery performed ?

Penis enlargement surgery is essentially a two part operation that is almost always performed at the same time. The penis can be lengthened in the flaccid length and thickened in the flaccid and erect girth. It is not possible to increase the erect length of the penis with surgery. Many patients use a penis traction device for several months after the surgery to help increase erect length, but results vary from patient to patient.

The penis is made longer by the division of a thick fibrous ligament called the suspensory ligament. This ligament helps to keep the penis upright when it is erect. When the ligament is divided it slides the penis forward, increasing the flaccid length between one and two inches. The exact length increase is not the same for every man, but results are fairly predictable within the aforementioned parameters. The penis is permanently lengthened by this procedure because a barrier is created by the patient’s own tissues to stop the ligament attaching to the pubic bone again and making the penis shorter. This part of the procedure is unique to Moorgate Andrology as many of providers still use silicone implants to do this, which have a risk of migration and infection.

The penis is made thicker by a fat transfer procedure. Fat is taken from the stomach and he inner thighs. The quality of fat is highest in these areas. It is then put through a purification system called Pure Graft which removes unwanted materials from the fat. The pure fat cells are then injected into the shaft to the maximum it will take. In the first three months about 30 % of the fat absorbs naturally, but the remaining fat then becomes permanent.


Recovery after penis enlargement surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is considered a minor surgical procedure. It take around one hour and is performed under general anaesthetic. Patients who have anon physical job are usually okay to go back to work after three or four days. For those with a more physical job one to two weeks maybe required. At first , the penis does look very thick. This is due to some post-operative swelling and the large volume of fat that is injected. Patients are given a course of antibiotics to take for one week and some pain relief medication, although most patients do not find it a particularly painful procedure. The most sore area is generally the belly and inner thighs where the fat was taken from. From day one after surgery a massage regime is started. This is to help keep the penis symmetrical as the fat breaks down and begins to absorb. Usually three or four times a day is enough , for one to two minutes. It is important to avoid any sexual activity for six weeks after surgery. It take time  for everything to settle down.


Penis enlargement surgery: The Results


The results of penis enlargement surgery are predictable. Most patients will get one to two inches more in the flaccid length and one to two inches thicker in the flaccid and erect girth. Of course, everyone is different and some patients a bit more or less than the average. Satisfaction rates with modern techniques are high and providing that patients are well informed as to the potential outcomes of the surgery. A small group of patients opt for a second fat transfer to increase the girth even further. The number of patients choosing to do this has fallen in recent years due to the higher volumes of fat now injected in the first procedure.


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