Why You Need Regular Dental Check-Up

Regular Dental Check-Up

Booking a dentist appointment often doesn’t top people’s to-do list. Most people don’t think a dental check-up is important. However, it’s necessary to have at least two check-ups in a year. Here are a few tips on why you need regular dental check-ups.

Check-ups are an effective tool in preventative dentistry.

Preventative dentistry deals with prevention of common dental problems like plaque, tartar, cavities and tooth decay. Tooth brushing and flossing are primary preventative measures that are good in preventing numerous dental conditions. However, these basic routines are not enough to prevent damage to teeth and maintain good oral hygiene. A dental check-up is necessary for this reason. During a check-up, the status of your oral hygiene is assessed and appropriate plans of action are advised.

Professional cleaning is available during a check-up.

During your routine dental check-up you can enjoy the benefit of thorough professional cleaning. Once your dentist has done an assessment of your dental health and hygiene, you can request for a professional tooth cleaning. The procedure is simple and affordable. During a professional cleaning, teeth are cleaned thoroughly with special dental pastes. Special tools are also used to access all areas around your oral cavity and ensure the cleaning is effective.

Early detection of oral health problems

Early diagnosis is central to the management of numerous dental problems. Most dental issues have a gradual onset. They start off as minor problems that have little to no symptoms and gradually develop into severe complications with unbearable symptoms. A simple dental check-up helps catch a problem early and curb its progress. The trained eye of a dentist can identify tartar, plaque and cavities. Early interventions are also scheduled and followed through during or after your dental check-up.

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Detection of malignancy

Cancer is a global problem that has attracted high surveillance. Cancers affecting the tongue, tonsil and oropharynx have increased by almost 60% in the last decade. However, many cases remain undiagnosed. Mouth cancer can present on the lips, gums, palate, buccal lining and floor of the mouth. The initial lesions often go unnoticed, however, a dentist can identify subtle signs and provide appropriate plans of management. Early diagnosis has a huge bearing on prognosis making dental check-ups crucial points of surveillance.

Diagnosis of systemic health issues

Although dentists centre their work on the oral cavity, they can make diagnosis of systemic illnesses that present with symptoms in your mouth. Certain medical conditions present with symptoms in the mouth. Immune deficiencies often present with oral sores, oral thrush and dental cavities. These are also common symptoms found in individuals with longstanding chronic conditions. Bleeding gums is another symptom that may be diagnostic for bleeding disorders while weak teeth may indicate nutritional deficiency.

Make use of dental insurance

Most dental insurances cover two dental visits in a year, so why not use it? In the long run, regular dental check-ups save money by preventing dental problems that would cost a lot to manage. If your check-ups are covered by insurance you will spend little to no money to maintain good oral health.

Ensure you book your dental checkups with dentists in Parramatta to enjoy all the numerous benefits.


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