Wrought Iron, Decorative, Strong, and Long-Lasting

iron gate

Before the modern day development of steel, wrought iron was the most commonly used form of iron. It is strong and tough and very malleable and was used pretty much for everything. Over the last 3 centuries, wrought iron has been used for ornamental purposes, iron gates, iron railings, garden furniture and iron fences. It is also used to make decorative items such as bedsteads, candle holders and curtain rods.

Wrought iron has been the material of choice for fences and gates for centuries, it is the perfect material for security and protection as it is extremely strong and low maintenance. For decorative purposes, it is elegant and classic. Wrought iron is actually an alloy of iron that contains small amounts of carbon. This allows it to be malleable and very strong. Its name comes from the fact that it can be worked into forms and shapes by tools. If you are looking for a material with strength and longevity, wrought iron is an excellent candidate, as its lifespan is dependent upon various factors.

How Long Should a Wrought Iron Fence Last?

Wrought iron has been commonly used over the centuries mainly for 2 main reasons: its strength, and its longevity. It has been used in warships, railways and weapons. Many historically cities are full of structures made from wrought iron. It has been used both for decorative and structural purposes. Today wrought iron fences may not last for centuries but they should with the right care last a lifetime.

What Impacts the Lifespan of Wrought Iron Fence?

Of the different factors that can affect the lifespan of wrought iron, one of the biggest culprits is moisture found in humidity and rainfall. Wrought iron will rust when water is present which in turn damages the material and ages it.

If plants are allowed to grow up or around a wrought iron structure this will also alter its lifespan, mainly because the moisture from the plants and soil can come in close contact with the iron and cause rusting. Coating a wrought iron fence with an oil or paint based substance, on the other hand, can increase its lifespan by protecting it from water.

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