X Pieces of Jewelry Every Man Needs

If you’re anything like me, you feel that fashion matters. That it’s more than just wearing some functional garments to protect yourself from the elements. You believe that through fashion you can express yourself. That you can tell everything about a person by the clothing they wear. That their outfit tells a story. A story about your hopes, and your fears. Who you are now, and who you aspire to be in the future. This is how powerful fashion is. It is one of humanity’s greatest tools in the battle of self-expression. So it’s no wonder that you want to look as up-to-date as possible. You see, fashion only demands one thing. And that’s that you keep up with it. To be fashionable, one must pay constant attention to the newest trends, and designs. Staying at the forefront of these things is what defines one as fashionable. But if you’re also like me. You know that keeping up on the latest everything is pretty tough. But fret not, dear reader! For, it is with that understanding that I decided to compile this guide to the hottest men’s jewelry


One of the most surprising returns to the world of haute couture was the chain. Seemingly forgotten by the fashion world for almost ten years. Chains first started making reappearances around the midpoint of the 2010s. After a couple of more years of simmering under the public consciousness, chains have exploded in popularity. Going from trend to tried and true fashion formula. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “If I want to adopt this style on my own, how do I start?” Well, it’s simple. The look surrounding today’s chain use resolves around one simple concept: Stacking! Stacking your chains is when you create a layered look out of chains of different lengths. If you’re just starting your stack you’ll want to begin with your anchor piece. This is the main chain you draw attention to that you build the rest of the stack around. My suggestion is to check out one of these spectacular mens pendants uk. These are stunning, high-quality chains that are a great starting point for people looking to build their stack! 

Ring Things

So now, you’ve got your first chain. You’re looking at the rest of your look and thinking. “I’m definitely on the way to stunting, but I don’t think I’m all the way there.” Worry not, for this is a common occurrence. You see every great outfit needs balance, and your accessories are no exception! If you’re wearing just a stack of necklaces then you might find that there are some other areas that could use a little more sparkle.

That’s when it’s time to go searching for rings. Now, men’s rings can be a little tricky. They need to be big enough and bold enough to look good on the hand, but they can’t overpower the rest of your outfit. Conversely, you may want to go for an understated look, but find that it looks kind of strange if you wear just one ring. That’s because more than any other piece of jewelry rings demand balance. Walking the tightrope between too much and too little is an unenviable task. However, once you find that you’ve got your portions right, they’ll be the cherry on top of an already incredible outfit. My personal rule I always use for rings is simple yet effective. Big ring, small ring theory. Stated plainly, this theory says that if you buy two rings. Make one the louder bigger one, and have the other be an understated elegant band. This balances your jewelry and creates a sense of collision in your accessorizing. This can help your outfit feel more dynamic, and add a lot of impact to your look! 


Quickly, I’d like to also shine a spotlight on bracelets. These are a more underreported part of men’s jewelry, but I find they are just as important. Luckily the rules of pulling off a good bracelet are fairly simple. Get a shorter length, so that the bracelet only loops around once on your wrist. Then make sure to match the color of the bracelet with the color of your chains. I.e. Silver goes with silver, gold goes with gold etc. This is a simple and elegant way to balance your outfit, by bringing a touch of class. Without overpowering your other accessories!

Shopping for jewelry is not an easy task. There are so many options to choose from, and the world of fashion changes so often and so quickly. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. Not to worry though, because if you follow these quick and amazing techniques to rockin your jewelry. You’ll stay skating on the cutting edge of the fashion world!


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