10 Best Tarot Cards for Love Tarot Reading

Human relationships form the fundamentals of your life and play an essential role in pain, joy, suffering, and overall experience.

The instinct of human aspires love and avoids pain. Misunderstanding, incompatibility, and difference of opinion mostly form the reasons for pain. Tarot and specifically Tarot reading for love is a useful tool for getting valuable insight into a relationship and discovering whether the companionship is fruitful or not.

From fortune telling to career-related questions and from health issues to love life, Tarot reading is used worldwide for seeking guidance.

Along with questions related to love life between married couples, Love Tarot card reading for singles also provides answers about your future life partner, new love interests, boyfriend and girlfriend compatibility. Moreover with the pace of time, your marriage seems to be rather faded, the feelings are not so bright, and you want to take a timeout, a new wedding ring can be a good idea.

Let’s take a look at top 10 Tarot cards which signify romance, love and relationships and their appearance in a love reading indicate a happy and rewarding love life.

10 Best Tarot Cards for Love Reading

From the deck of Tarot cards, the first 4 cards of Love are Trump or Major Arcana cards which are indicative of the impact of energies and karma on human conditions:

  1. Lovers: This is the ultimate card for people looking for love in their life. The appearance of this card showcases that either you will get a compatible love match or else your existing relationship will get much stronger. It also signifies the importance of mutual trust and respect in making a love match most rewarding and compatible.
  2. The Empress: The Empress is a sign of mother Earth, and free thinking and its appearance indicates positive love life including unconditional love, union, fertility, and completion. It denotes sensuality which adds spark to a profoundly fulfilling partnership.
  3. The Sun: Next major love card, is the Sun which represents harmony, unity, and acceptance along with achievement and success. Its appearance serves the purpose of reminding people that the true self is the essence of pure love and happiness.
  4. The World: The 4th card in Tarot card reading for love prediction is the World. It represents success, growth, travel and portrays how rewarding your love life is going to be.
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Next in line is the suit of Cups which represents imagination, emotions, and matters related to the heart. The Suit of Cups is also known as the hearts or Chalices.

  1. Ace Cups: This card holds particular importance for singles for love connections. For singles, it is an indication of emotional rebirth, and for existing partnerships, it denotes a higher level of commitment and understanding.
  2. Two of Cups: This card is an accurate indication of mutual attraction, love, commitment, and balanced partnership, aspects which people usually look for in a partnership. For singles, it indicates the beginning of a relationship, and for couples, it signifies more commitment and dedication towards each other.
  3. Ten of Cups: Appearance of this card portrays love and unity among family members and couples along with prosperity and emotional happiness. For those who are already in a relationship it showcases bonding, and for singles, it is a sign of a  new beginning.
  4. Knight of cups: This card means that your soulmate has either arrived or you are about to meet him/her and he/she is highly emotional and creative.
  5. The other 2 love cards as per free tarot reading for love life are Ten of Pentacles and Four of Wands.
  6. Ten of Pentacles: In addition to the love life this card also signifies wellbeing of basics of the material world including finances and health. In a relationship, it represents the fulfillment of individual responsibilities for a rewarding marriage.
  7. Four of Wands: Four of Wands is usually addressed as the card of celebration. It represents additional commitments specifically marriage. For Singles, it also indicates that for a rewarding love life you need to become more social.
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Free Love Tarot reading can definitely help you with better insight and answers related to your love life.

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