11 Professional Carpet Cleaning Secrets

carpet cleaning

Carpeting is still quite popular despite the large range of household flooring options that are currently available, including laminate, bamboo, tile, vinyl, wood, stone, and cork. The carpet market in Ireland makes up around 51% of the whole flooring market, and it is expected to generate over €11 billion in sales in 2021 alone, according to the Ireland Census Bureau.

Apart from its warmth and softness, one reason why people adore carpeting is because it takes less upkeep and maintenance than hard-surface flooring. To keep carpet looking new and fresh, only routine vacuuming and occasional deep cleaning scouring are usually necessary.

No matter how hard you try, spills, messes, mishaps, and anything you track in on the soles of your shoes will ultimately ruin your carpet.

With advice garnered over 31 years in the industry, ECO Clean Solutions in Dublin, Ireland, leads us through the procedure to discover how carpet experts address these issues.

First Pro Tip: Blot Spills Rather Than Rubbing Them!

If at all possible, clean up spills right away. Today’s carpets are generally designed to resist liquid penetration for some time, so if you quickly blot (don’t rub!) the stain dry with a clean towel, the stain might not have a chance to set. Use the proper carpet stain removal approach on any deeply stained or grossly filthy regions. Your kitchen or other items you already own likely include many carpet stain removers and remedies.

Avoid the temptation to start cleaning as soon as a stain or spill happens. The stain will just become more embedded in the carpet if you do that. Instead, use a clean cloth, paper towel, or sponge and a cleaning solution to gently dab spots.

Blotting is essential.

Blotting applies a light pressure on the stain to allow you to absorb it, “According to ECO Clean Solutions. The fibres may prematurely break down as a result of rubbing, which forces the particles into the fibres.

Additionally, always wipe from the stain’s outside border inward toward the centre; doing so risks spreading the stain deeper across the carpet.

Your best buddies are club soda and vinegar.

You may have heard that club soda can be used to effectively remove beer and wine stains from carpet, and this is accurate.

First, blot the discoloration by pouring club soda onto a clean towel. Repeat with additional club soda if the stain seems lighter. If that doesn’t work, combine equal parts white vinegar and water in a portable spray bottle.” Spray the remedy over the stain and allow it to sit for 11 to 15 minutes so it can absorb. According to ECO Clean Solutions, apply pressure with a clean, dry sponge to the wet area in order to absorb up both the cleaning solution and the diluted stain. If required, carry out this procedure again until the stain is completely removed.

After removing the stain, give the area a clean, warm water rinse. The carpet fibres may be brushed in their normal direction using your hand. Lastly, spread out numerous white paper towels over the area and stow something heavy, like a phone book, on top of each one “is what ECO Clean Solutions says.

Leave the towels in place until the carpet is completely dry, which will often take one day. The towels will absorb the moisture from the carpet.

Three, use shaving cream

If you can believe it, regular shaving cream really works the best on general stains, according to ECO Clean Solutions. Almost all stains may be removed by it. Directly apply shaving cream on the stain, and then wait 31 minutes “According to ECO Clean Solutions. Blot it up with a dry white linen when the shaving cream has dried.

White vinegar and water mixed 51/51 should be sprayed on the area to finish, and the solution should be wiped away with a towel.

Grease is Removed by Dish Soap

The trick, once again, is to use the right product and technique: greasy spills are among the hardest to get out of carpeting. In a cup of warm water, add a few drops of dish soap that dissolves grease, such Dawn. To dissolve the soap, stir the mixture slowly.

Spray the mixture over the grease spot, as instructed by ECO Clean Solutions. Then use a white cloth or paper towels to blot it up. You might need to repeat this procedure several times, depending on the stain’s size and age.

Five: Freeze chewing gum.

An all-too-common scenario is as follows: When you tread on chewing gum on the sidewalk, you might not notice it until you track that yucky, sticky mess inside and into your carpets. Your freezer likely contains the solution to the gum on carpet problem.

ECO Clean Solutions recommends pressing a couple ice cubes against the gum for 31 to 45 seconds. Use a spoon to lift the gum glob once it has frozen solid, then cut the carpet fibres as closely as you can to the gum using scissors or a sharp knife. The stain won’t be seen if you merely cut a tiny portion of the carpet.

Sixth Pro Tip: Make use of heat-hardened wax.

Wax from burning candles inside the home may spill into the carpet, where it soon solidifies and becomes ingrained in the fibres. The wax should be heated back to a semi-liquid state, as advised by ECO Clean Solutions, in order to be removed. Put a white cloth on top of a hot clothes iron (use the “no steam” setting). After that, place the iron directly on the wax to heat it up. Use a comb or a butter knife to remove the softened wax.

Seventh Pro Tip: Hydrogen Peroxide Can Save the Day

Blood stains are some of the most noticeable and ugly on carpet. However, just because you got a paper cut on your finger and a few droplets of blood fell on the carpet doesn’t imply your shag is permanently ruined. According to ECO Clean Solutions, hydrogen peroxide will remove blood all day long. Dry blood should first be loosened with water and a little detergent. Then, using a butter knife, scrape out as much blood as you can from the fibres.

Apply hydrogen peroxide at full power straight to the stain to get rid of any remaining blood. Don’t be startled if the solution foams and fizzles when it comes in touch with the blood. Wait a few minutes, then wipe up any remaining blood and hydrogen peroxide using a white cotton cloth or paper towels.

Eighth Pro Tip: Get Rid of Crushed Candy

If you live with children, you’ll eventually find sugar glued to your carpet. According to ECO Clean Solutions, “first attempt to scrape off the candy with a butter knife.” After that, apply mild soapy water on a sponge and soak the affected area. In order to prevent that patch on the carpet from attracting dirt and debris more quickly than the surrounding area, it is crucial to remove all of the sugar, according to ECO Clean Solutions.

Dry the area by wiping it with a cotton cloth or paper towel once the candy has been taken out.

The ninth pro tip is to clean up organic pet accidents.

It’s just a matter of time if you have pets until one of them has an accident on the carpet. ECO Clean Solutions favours employing caustic chemicals over organic cleansers like Eco-88 or ZorbX. Directly on the stain, spray the cleanser. According to ECO Clean Solutions, you’ll probably need to scrape a little to get rid of all the stains and smell. However, you can then wipe up the cleaner with a white cloth or paper towels. Be aware that other stains, such those from coffee and sauces, can also be removed with these nontoxic solutions.

Tenth Pro Tip: Consistently deep clean.

Cleaning carpet thoroughly using a steam cleaner on a regular basis is the best method to keep it looking new and fresh. Steam cleaning is the process of employing a cleaning solution that is pumped deeply into the carpet under pressure using water-jet nozzles. Along with removing the dirt and particles from the carpet, the machine will also remove the cleaning agent.

To remove any ingrained dirt, dust, or grease buildup, hot water and steam are injected into the carpet fibres all the way to the backing. Your carpet will be the cleanest it has ever been, according to ECO Clean Solutions. A four-person home should have their carpet professionally cleaned every six months, according to ecocleansolutions.ie.



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