Logan Paul Vs Mayweather Full Fight

Logan Paul Vs Mayweather Full Fight


If you are a fan of MMA fights, then you will surely love the insight into Logan Paul Vs Mayweather full fight. This is one of the sensational fights that you might be able to find on the internet. Thus, if we look, we will come to know that many fights are taking place on different platforms, and the number of fighters is also increased with time.

It seems that this will keep increasing with every passing day. But not all of the fights are worth watching. It happens once in a while when you encounter an amazing fight that gives you goosebumps. The fighter’s energy makes you sit back in your chair and cheer out. But which fight stands true to the definition is a question worth asking. Thus, this article provides the step-by-step details of the Logan Paul Vs Mayweather full fight.

Summary Of Logan Paul Vs Mayweather Full Fight

You might be wondering what makes the fight so much exciting. So let us tell you that it was a fight between an expert fighter with an experience of 30 years, whereas the other contestant in the ring was only a YouTuber. Also, if we talk about the details of the match, we will know that the match continued for all eight rounds, making it much more interesting. The venue of the hard rock stadium in Miami Gardens made it much more sensational.

The details of the fight

Now, if we talk about the fighters, we will know that the total number of punches thrown in the said fight is 73. If we talk about the majority of them, then Mayweather landed them. On the other hand, Logan Paul only managed to stay up till the last round. Especially since Logan managed to stay up and put in a fight, therefore, it can be considered that he won the moral victory.

A walk through the whole fight

Now, if we move on through the detail of the fight, we will know that at the start, Logan Paul appeared first. Then there was the performance on the stage. Later the famous Mayweather appeared in the Arena. Now the introduction of the fighters took place. Once it was completed, it was time to start the fight. It was past 11 pm when the fight started.

1.      The first round

In the very first round of the fight, the famed Mayweather gave some harsh looks to Logan Paul. But Paul is not waiting at all. He goes for the punches, and one after the other land’s punches. But since he was unaware, he was caught off guard, and Mayweather took the chance and ensured he landed a perfect left hook.

It surely shook Logan Paul, and it was obvious that Mayweather was the one in control now Paul had started landing punches. At the same time, Mayweather kept avoiding it till the end of the round.

2.      The second round

At the start of the second round, we see Mayweather getting started, and he throws a jab. Paul also answers with a slow combination, and the king simply avoids it. Mayweather now again throws a jab. But this time, Paul reacts with a three-punch combination. Although Logan Paul kept on throwing his punches, we can witness that Mayweather was way far from the trouble. Although he keeps on playing with Paul till the end of the round.

3.      The third round

The third round starts with an uppercut from Logan that was a complete miss. Although he gave it all his might, it was unfortunate. The distance closed between the fighters, and Logan took the opportunity to tie Mayweather up.

Mayweather is also ready to counter, and since Paul is not aware, he gets the hand from the famous fighter. Now Mayweather is giving no chance to the YouTuber and is trying to rip him off. Paul is in a very tight spot and needs saving, and then he is saved at the end by the alarm of the finishing of the round.

4.      The fourth round

The fourth round of the fight tells you a lot about it, and it surely helps you understand that Floyd is the only one in control. Instead, Logan Paul was just entering survival mode, and there was nothing much that would gather your attention. Thus the fourth round ended with Mayweather on the top.

5.      The fifth round

The fifth round amazed the people because they thought the fight might be over within minutes, but it was still going on, and Mayweather was still in control of the game. He is giving no chance to Logan Paul. Although Paul reacts, this is of no good at all. Logan manages to throw Floyd away and save himself, and then a fight of combinations stated, and the round ends with a combination from Mayweather.

6.      The sixth round

In the sixth round, Mayweather was looking stronger than ever, and Paul, on the other hand, was just surviving the match. Paul tries to tie him but gets a body hit, and Mayweather keeps landing body attacks, and Paul starts to look like an amateur in the streets.

7.      The seventh round

In the seventh round, we can see that Paul is fighting back, but these punches are useless because he is just doing nothing. It just looks like he wants the fight to finish, which is also not pleasing to the viewers. But since Paul knows that he needs only one round to survive, he is determined and keeps up with the fight.

8.      The last round

The last round brings a hold from Paula, and Mayweather presses, and this is repeated again and again. We are witnessing that Paul is tired and is doing everything to stay up. When the last 60 seconds of the fight were counted only in that instant, Paul thought he could make it and distanced himself by mocking Floyd. With the bell, the game is needed.

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Logan Paul vs Mayweather full fight details will help you understand that although the fight was not a major one, but it was surely entertaining for the viewers. We are looking forward to another one soon.

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