4 Ways Video Marketing Can Help Businesses Grow Their Brands

Businesses Grow Their Brands

Billions of people worldwide are turning to social media and the web to promote their Businesses Grow Their Brands. Whether you’re a retailer, pediatrician, hairstylist, or home improvement company, you must have a strong online presence to boost your business.          

To get more brand exposure online, you should also create videos that convey the entirety of the information you shared. After all, videos are the type of content that offers the highest ROI. Studies reveal that about one-third of all web activities is dedicated to watching videos. By using video marketing (both free and paid), you’ll be able to reach out to more potential buyers through their preferred source of online content.            

Using Video marketing to boost your brand’s presence 

When done properly, with a single video, you’ll be able to drive more engagement to your website or landing page and increase qualified leads (or sales). In fact, according to statistics, sites with videos are 53 times more likely to rank high on Google’s search result than those without one.  

So, without further ado, here are four practical ways to help Businesses Grow Their Brands using video marketing.  for more details visit businesswire.com

1. Use it as a medium to tell your brand’s story. 

Video content is more about telling your brand’s story instead of selling your products or services. Using the right elements in video content will make it an effective medium to touch people and connect with them. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. How much more for a single video? This is why you need to make sure that every video you upload on your YouTube channel or Facebook profile is thought-provoking and offers value to your prospective customers.   

2. Drive user engagement.

On average, internet users spend 88% more time on a site with videos than on those without. Shoppers who are shown videos are 1.81 times more likely to purchase a product/service than those who are not. Business accounts on social media platforms generate more shares with videos than images and texts only. Even just using the word “video” in an email subject boosts a site’s click-through-rate by 65%. Live video and streaming it on your social media channels can also make events much more accessible. Even churches can greatly benefit from streaming live videos on social media. If you want to learn more, you can read about Melon’s features for church live streaming.

3. Increase website traffic. 

When you tell a good story through your videos, viewers will likely want to know more. This will be your chance to entice them to visit your website or landing page. For example, you can upload another video that will expound or support the one you’ve uploaded on your social networks, increasing your chances to drive even more traffic and engagement to whatever it is you’re promoting. At least 84% of marketers claim that video content has helped them drive more traffic and sales to their sites.   

4. Convert viewers into leads.

Studies show that business websites with videos grow their revenue 49% faster than those with none. Sites that use video content have an average conversion rate of 4.8% compared to those that forgo using videos with only 2.9%.     

Remember, to convert viewers into leads successfully, you need to upload informative, relevant, and up-to-date video content that provides pertinent information and solutions to people’s problems. In other words, choose topics that provide value to your subscribers to keep them coming back to your channel. For example, if you’re a personal trainer, you can create videos on diet dos and don’ts. In the end, every content you upload on your channel must be share-worthy and relevant to your business and niche.  

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