Living Independently in the UK: A Complete Guide

Living Independently

Living Independently and alone is not always how films and shows portray it to be. Whether you have just moved out of the family home or any other reason, it can get confusing trying to figure out the “adulting” life. However, at the end of the day, you will be able to make the most out of your independence by following these handy tricks!

Here are our 4 tried and tested tips for Living Independently and alone for the first time:

1. Know where to get your essentials.

Sure, you probably have food delivery apps and online shopping to save you in a pinch. But you are eventually going to need to go out and buy your needs! It may be that you need to head to the markets or the grocery to restock your fridge. 

This is why it is important to know where the closest supermarkets are! Just be sure you’ll check on the opening times of Iceland so that you won’t end up wasting a trip. A pro-tip is to prepare your grocery list or shopping list beforehand. 

Emergency numbers are also a must. You can decide to write them down or save it in your phone, just as long as you have them on hand. Emergency numbers such as hospitals, electricians, or plumbers will be a life-saver. No matter how well-kept and clean your place is, you will need those emergency numbers sooner or later.

2. Be brave.

One of the biggest enemies you will have while living alone is fear. With more people living independently in the UK, you may be able to find comfort in the fact that you are never truly alone. It is highly recommended that you get to be acquainted with your neighbours so that you’ll feel reassured by your surroundings.

A quick way to get over your fear is to walk around your area and familiarize yourself with it. Of course, you should never let your guard down but you can’t fully embrace and enjoy your independence if you are constantly scared.

3. Make sure your place is secure.

We encourage you to be brave, but we also stress the need for security. While you shouldn’t be losing sleep over a simple floorboard creaking in your flat, it will help to implement extra security measures. 

As you are looking for a new place to stay, we encourage double-checking the security of the building or establishment. Make sure that the locks and doors are durable, and that alarm systems are in place. You should also ask around and do your research if the area is prone to any crime. 

4. Clean up after yourself.

It can be tempting to just leave your dirty clothes in one area, or to leave your bed unmade. However, these small things can accumulate and you might find your place to be too dirty to even begin cleaning. This is why it is important to resist the urge to be a slob.

Having your own place means being responsible for everything in it. There is no one to help you clean up or wash the dishes, and these will become your tasks for Living Independently. Things can very quickly get out of control so don’t let it get past the point of no return.

You don’t have to be a clean freak, but it does help to put away things as soon as you’re finished with them. Plus, washing the dishes immediately prevents any foul odour or insects flying around.

It’s highly unlikely that you will live by yourself forever, which is why it’s important to make the best out of it. During this time, you’ll get to know yourself even better and become an even more responsible person. Don’t forget to sit back and relax every once in a while as you take pride in running your own place!

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