5 Expert Tips To Maximize Your Warehouse Space And Efficiency

5 Expert Tips To Maximize Your Warehouse Space And Efficiency

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If you’ve ever been to Houston Flooring Warehouse, then you know that they have a lot of different flooring options to choose from. While having a warehouse full of inventory is a good thing, what happens when that space becomes overflowing with merchandise? It can be hard for the owners of a flooring warehouse to know what they have when everything is a mess, disorganized, or just plain overloaded. Thankfully, there are five things that can be done in this situation.

1) Have an Inventory Reduction Sale

The very first thing that the experts at Houston Flooring Warehouse recommend is to hold an inventory reduction sale. These sales are a great way of getting rid of a lot of merchandise in a hurry. All that you need to do is determine which types of flooring you’re going to put on sale and what percentage off you’re going to offer. Then, market your sale and people will show up and take all of that excess inventory off of your hands. Problem solved!

2) Reorganize Your Inventory

If your warehouse isn’t overly stocked, but you still can’t see exactly what you have in there – and it’s far too disorganized to do an inventory check, then you need to reorganize things. This involves taking everything out of the warehouse (or as much as possible) and then placing it back in, only in an organized fashion. Ideally, your flooring should be organized by type (tile, carpet, etc), although you can arrange it by the manufacturer. Whatever works best for you.

3) Take Advantage of Every Inch of Space

Odds are, you have plenty of space in your warehouse that isn’t being used. For example, if you have everything arranged on pallets on the floor, but actually have 20-foot ceilings, then you aren’t using your space efficiently. It’s time to set up some shelving, racks, or even hanging devices that can be used to organize your inventory of flooring. This is the best way to make sure that you have room for everything while ensuring that you can find it all at the same time.

5 Expert Tips To Maximize Your Warehouse Space And Efficiency

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4) Use a Management System

There are plenty of inventory management systems out there. Most of the newer ones are computerized. They allow you to pull up a virtual map of your warehouse space showing where everything is located. Many of them also use RFID tags that go on the merchandise. (naltrexone) When someone thing arrives, it’s scanned and then entered into the system so that you can always find it.

5) Purchase Fewer Goods

You do have one additional option here – purchase fewer items. This isn’t always good since flooring warehouses do need to have plenty of options for their customers to pick from. However, if you truly are pressed for space, you might want to stick to just buying your best sellers. This ensures that you have the space for things that sell well while preventing you from getting overwhelmed with inventory.

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