5 Reasons Why Should you Purchase the Best Dental Equipment for your Clinic

5 Reasons Why Should you Purchase the Best Dental Equipment for your Clinic

As per estimates, there is only 1 dentist to every 10,000 people in this country. On one hand, there is a rising demand for dental practitioners among individuals. On the other, the number of dentistry setups continues to increase even across semi-urban spaces.

If you are about to set up your dental practice, you should invest in the future and aim to service the highest amount of patients possible.

One of the best ways to do so is through the best dental equipment. NBFCs provide dental equipment loan explicitly for this purpose.

These loans can help dentists purchase the latest tools that can aid them to deliver better service.

Some of the reasons why you should purchase the best dental equipment include:

     1. You want to provide quick service delivery

Everyone dislikes waiting in a long queue. Longer queues and service TATs will decrease customer satisfaction and retention.

Installing the latest equipment is one of the ideal ways to decrease the time you need to attend to a patient.

Purchasing the correct equipment will also help you implement digital dentistry, the future of dental practice.

     2. You want to stay ahead of the competition

Staying ahead of the competition is directly proportional to the services you deliver. Your patients will prefer you more if you provide quick and effective dental care. Upgrade your dental equipment as well as your dentistry setup to help you do so.

You can apply for a dental equipment loan to purchase such equipment. NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv disburse such loans within 24 hours of approval.

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     3. You want to make your patients more comfortable

Most dental procedures and surgeries are painfully discomforting. As the associated healthcare professional, you should put the strong impetus on the comfort of your medical cases. Upgrade your equipment to provide the best possible comfort.

For example, the Wand is a computer-assisted tool to deliver local anesthesia. It is essentially an injection that does not cause any pain to the recipient. Thus, you can also help patients who fear needles to reduce anxiety.

Opt for a dental equipment loan if you aim to introduce these new tools to your dental practice.

     4. You want to expand your practice

Adding state-of-the-art equipment helps you to gain more patients which in turn, will increase your turnover. Thus, you have more revenue to grow your business operations.

You can establish a new practice, hire more dentists or dental assistants, or even physically expand to another location, with more income.

     5. You want to increase the aesthetics of your practice

First impressions do matter to new patients. Adding the latest equipment to the practice will deliver an intense apprehension of your exceptional services. It also helps in word-of-mouth marketing – a promotion that takes place when a satisfied customer talks positively about your business to another person.

A Business Loan for Doctors from leading NBFCs such as Bajaj Finserv to purchase dental equipment can help you achieve all of the above.

Such loans come with the following features:

     I. High financing

You receive financing up to Rs. 30 Lakh to purchase any high-value equipment. These loans are also collateral-free.

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     II. Quick disbursal

NBFCs can provide you with these loans within 48 hours. Such a loan can prove exceptionally beneficial in case of emergencies.

     III. Flexible repayment tenors

The repayment tenors for these loans range from 12 to 96 months. Ensure that you choose the tenor carefully as the cost of loan and EMIs depend on it.

Using a loan EMI calculator can help you in this case. The calculator enables you to determine your loan EMIs based on the principal and tenor. It will also aid to pick the right tenor.

     IV. Minimal documentation procedure

You only have to provide a few documents to avail these loans. Qualification certificate, identity proof, address proof, bank account statements, and income tax returns are some that you have to deliver.

     V. Simple eligibility criteria

Dentists will only need a post-qualification experience of 5 years to apply for these loans.

Apply for a dental equipment loan online today and achieve new growth limits of your clinic. Also, do make sure that you purchase the right medical equipment for your healthcare setup.

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